This site analyses readers’ comments on articles concerning Islam and Muslims published by leading newspapers.

The newspapers/media are categorised as follows:

The Guardian
Left Oriented Media (e.g., The Independent, The Huffington Post UK-a website only)
Right Oriented Media (e.g., The Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Spectator)
Regional Media
Other & International (e.g., The Times and international)

For each article there is a short extract introducing or summarising the article followed by the most popular readers’ comments as measured by the highest number of votes, or recommendations, or likes, from other readers. A link is given to the full article and all its readers’ comments which often run into many hundreds of comments.

It concentrates on articles covering social, cultural, religious, and political topics and mostly ignores armed conflict and terrorism in the Middle East, South Asia, Africa and other parts of the world, and strongly cultural issues such as FGM and honour killings. ISIS is covered because it has such a strong Islamic dimension.

The site is the work of private individuals and is not supported by or connected with any political party, organisation, association, society, religion, or pressure group.

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