Muslims and Jews united in anger at ritual slaughter ban

…. Muslim bodies mounted an appeal against the ban in vain in the Belgian constitutional court, calling it a direct onslaught on “one of the most basic alimentary stipulations of the Muslim faith — the obligation that animals must be subjected to ritual slaughter”.

The new law, which requires all animals to be stunned before slaughter, was initiated by Ben Weyts, a hardline Flemish nationalist and minister in the regional government, and approved in 2017. The law was a political response to the activities of unregulated Muslim slaughterhouses.

Defenders of the law say that it is motivated purely by animal welfare and that stunning before the ritual throat-slitting and bleeding does not breach halal or kosher rules. Much of Europe’s halal meat comes from pre-stunned animals, but stricter Muslims and Jews say their faith demands that the animal be in perfect health at the moment of death.

[TOP RATED COMMENT 164 votes] Well done Belgium. Waiting for the rest to catch up.

[2ND 148] Time for us to do the same. If anyone else slit an animals throat and left them to bleed out they would be prosecuted. This is barbaric and must be stopped.

[3RD 80] Bravo Belgium. All civilised countries need to ban these barbaric practices.

[4TH 63] The ban has to stay, otherwise one group will essentially have more rights than others. If Kosher and Halal meat is cruel then it must be banned and /or reformed accordingly. [The Times (£)] Read more

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