A third of Britons would stop their children visiting mosque

About two-fifths of the population would be concerned if a mosque was built in their neighbourhood or if a family member married a Muslim.

One in five would be concerned if a Muslim family moved next door and 3 in 10 would object to their child visiting a mosque.

Yet the public blame hostility to Muslims more on right-wing and far-right groups than on the behaviour of Muslims themselves, according to a ComRes poll commissioned by a group called Muslim Engagement and Development, which seeks to involve more Muslims in media and politics.

Groups such as the English Defence League are blamed by 61% of the population, followed by 55% who blame right-wing groups such as Ukip.

The behaviour of Muslims abroad is blamed by 59%, with 45% blaming Muslims in the UK. Younger people are significantly more tolerant.

[TOP RATED COMMENT 51 votes] This sounds like one of those polls specifically designed to come up with the desired result – it’s everyone’s fault but theirs. The idea that the virtually non-existent EDL or UKIP influences opinion about Muslims and Islam is risible.

It is and remains only is their behaviour both here and abroad, the terrorism, the large numbers, as reported in the Times today, who have joined ISIS, their intolerance of non-Muslims and the self-aggrandisement their religion teaches which makes them suspect. No one cares about religion in the UK, but people do object to having something as disagreeable as Islam rammed down their throats, and told to like it.

[2ND 49] These types of articles are breathtaking – full of ‘Britain becoming less tolerant’, ‘right wing groups blamed’ etc etc. The ‘religion of peace’ has been responsible for countless atrocities committed in this country often by people born and educated here.

The latest news is that 80 ‘isis brides’ are on the way back, ready to stroll through Heathrow and renew sponging off us, whilst spouting hatred. The ‘values’ of this religion are completely incompatible with British values. Of course the only two people quoted are sympathetic to Muslims. [The Times (£)] Read more

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