Secular Society gives view on Halal meat row

THE National Secular Society has written to all Lancashire County Councillors urging them to end the supply of meat from un-stunned animals to 27 schools.

On Thursday, the authority’s fill meeting will take a final vote on the issue.

NSS cheif executive Stephen Evans, writes: “The primary issue at stake is animal welfare. Slaughtering animals without pre-stunning causes avoidable pain and suffering, and it is entirely unnecessary. “There is nothing anti-Muslim about wanting the council to only supply meat from animals farmed, including at the point of slaughter, to the highest standards of animal welfare.”

[TOP RATED COMMENT] Unfortunately it appears that the Muslim ‘community’ see so called Islamophobia whenever they feel the need to. All slaughter by design inflicts pain, but to cause unnecessary suffering and stress to an animal about to die just to satisfy some religious claptrap that has no basis in science, hygiene or whatever is appalling.

The sooner it (halal slaughter) is stopped in this country, the better. If the men with beards at the council of mosques and all those who – like them – have such an issue with non halal slaughtered meat, might I suggest they become vegetarian or failing that depart for one of their beloved Muslim lands they are so fond of. But check if the country chosen provides free school meals for their children first… [Lancashire Telegraph] Read more

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