Unstunned halal meat back on school menu – for now

The county council has decided to suspend its ban on beef and lamb from animals which are not rendered unconscious before Islamic religious slaughter until its full meeting on October 18.

This will give all Lancashire’s county councillors the chance to reconsider the authority’s ban on halal meat from unstunned animals.

The county council’s cabinet took a decision in July to provide only stunned halal meat, except poultry, to schools.

But the Lancashire Council of Mosques, which has a strict definition of halal meat as coming from only unstunned animals, objected and threatened to ask Muslim families across the county to boycott all school meals.

[TOP RATED COMMENT 31 votes] Why should the minority rule over the majority, its cruel and inhumane. Why do we pander to these people? The decision has been made and should be upheld.

[2ND 23] Lancashire Muslim leaders yet again show themselves to be inward looking and self obsessed. Koran allows Muslims to eat non halal if they are in a non Muslim community. Cruelty is cruelty and religion should not be used as a mask for cruelty.

[3RD 20] The bigger picture is – muslims DO NOT want to fit into the societies they migrate to. They EXPECT their hosts to conform to their ways. Lots of Chinese, Italian & Polish people have made the UK their home. You don’t hear them making demands all the time.

You don’t hear about ‘The Grand Council of Chinese this and that’ or ‘Italian community leaders’ placing demands on the UK to change things to their liking. They quietly fit in, get on with their lives & enjoy the hospitality & freedoms the UK has to offer.

[4TH 18] This is cruel and not part of British culture. When people talk about integration it means sometime giving up parts of your culture and accepting the culture of the country you now live in.

For example, if I was to move to Saudi Arabia where alcohol is not permitted I couldnt expect to go out on the lash and disrespect their culture. Those would be the rules and I would have to abide by them OR move to a country that had different rules.

Its the same with halal meat. Its not part of British culture. So either accept that or move. Its not racist. Its not divisive. Its living within the culture of this country. [Lancashire Telegraph] Read more

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