Tories need to promote and elect more Muslims, Ruth Davidson says in swipe at Boris’s burka row

The ex-Foreign Secretary sparked a furious party row after he compared women wearing burkas to bank robbers and letter boxes.

But tonight Ms Davidson, who is seven months pregnant with her first child, will say she will make sure more candidates from diverse backgrounds stand for office.

She will say at an event in Glasgow to mark the Muslim festival of Eid-al-Adha: “If I am to be the next First Minister of Scotland, we need to fill the Holyrood benches with the brightest talent and greatest experience we can find, support, promote and elect from every community in this country.

“That includes the Muslim community.

[TOP RATED COMMENT 29 votes] Another f’kin snowflake handing over the keys

[2ND 24] She has lost the plot, we want the exact opposite!

[3RD 23] Can Davidson name ANY three: Stable, progressive, democratic, Islamic countries? Bit of a trick question really, as there are NONE on this planet. Congratulations must go to Blair; dragging the UK backwards a few centuries certainly took some balls. [The Sun] Read more

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