US fantasies of Islamised Britain do matter

Thanks to the internet, loony American views of a UK lost to radicalism, Sharia and crime are gaining ground here too.

There is a western country that terrifies the American right. Its capital city is already lost to Islam, and has a mayor transparently in league with Islamic State. Its second city is a lawless hell, long abandoned by white people.

Sharia courts are taking over, but the secular courts are not much better, dominated as they are by Muslim-loving Bolsheviks, which might seem an odd sort of Bolshevik to you, but don’t blame me. When not jailing dissidents for thought crimes, the tyrannical government tells hospitals, which are already knee-deep in blood, which children they have to kill. Where is this dystopia? Surprise! You live in it.

[TOP RATED COMMENT 313 votes] I don’t care what pretend friend in the clouds people believe in but I have yet to find a single website in the world that can explain to me the benefits of an influx of people with a medieval view on life and the rights of women.

[2ND 260] As a black man who is on the centre right, I feel that I have to look to the right wing press in the USA such as Candace Owen, Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, in order to get away from the all-pervading view that black people are all victims and cannot achieve anything substantial because of white racism. Sadly their are many left wing commentators ‘of colour’ who are more concerned with pulling statues down then dealing with real black issues such as the lack of fathers figures in the home and education.

[3RD 219] Bravo Hugo!

For your next column can you please include your cartoon of Mohamed to demonstrate that the British tradition of exposing hypocrisy and inequality and idiocy through satirical cartoons is alive and well and not under the thumb of Mohamedic prohibition.

[4TH 158] …. Given the huge demographic shifts currently sweeping across Europe which is it so inconceivable that we might undergo a similar cultural and demographic shift over the next century or so? The birth-rates in Europe are very low, the birth-rates in large chunks of the Islamic world are very high.

Many of these countries have low-standards of living and cannot support their current populations. There are now extremely well-established migration routes from Africa, the Middle East and South Asia into Europe and the continent is currently subject to enormous migration flows. Why is it so inconceivable to so many that the world is not static, and that the present may not last forever. Just because a problem is exaggerated or overstated does not mean it is not real.

[5TH= 142] Excellent post.

That cultures change over time is a truism.

If the Muslim share of the UK was 2.7% according to 2001 census and 4.4% according to 2011 census, & latter census notes that average age of White Irish and White British is 56 & 49 respectively, compared with 32 & 34 for Bangladeshi & Pakistani respectively – you do not have to have an “agenda” to see that the Muslim % is going to increase sharply.

The question is – is it realistic to expect people not to have an opinion?

Are people who are anxious about this trend racist?

[5TH= 142] …. We are not Islamic in this country but a process appears to have begun in this country and critics are silenced.

You are right in so far as hysteria from some elements doesn’t help the case, but ignoring the influence of any religion over out way of life is dangerous. [The Times (£)] Read more

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