All hail Ms Marvel, a young, female Muslim superhero for our times

At long last, Hollywood is planning a blockbuster film in which a Muslim will not be a threat but a kickass heroine.

When news circulated on Tuesday that Marvel was going to bring a Pakistani-American 16-year-old girl, Kamala Khan (aka Ms Marvel), into its much-loved cinema universe, I was pleased on a number of counts.

I was pleased for myself, to now have a reference for when people ask me how to spell my name, other than “like Genghis”. I was pleased for all my Pakistani actor friends who finally have parts to audition for that aren’t “wife of terrorist No 3” (a speaking part, no less, with three-dimensional lines saying something more than “I love Allah” or “shall I make dinner?”).

[TOP RATED COMMENT 560 votes] When considering a new superhero movie, my primary concern is always the question of what religion they are.

[2ND 472] Surely every one of them is atheist! How do their superpowers fit in with ANY religious narrative? The irony of a Muslim superhero is superb, bearing in mind in a lot of Muslim countries she’d be tried and executed for heresy. [Guardian Cif] Read more

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