Islamophobia is real. Stop the obsession with semantics

…. most people of good faith understand that Islamophobia as a concept or social phenomenon also goes beyond a literalist dictionary definition.

The term was first popularised by the Runnymede Trust in a report published in 1997. The term had emerged following the need for a specific word to focus minds and lead to substantive action against growing anti-Muslim prejudice. It was initially defined as “unfounded hostility towards Muslims, and therefore fear or dislike of all or most Muslims” with the “phobia” element based on the common “xenophobia” framework in a similar way to homophobia.

From the outset and in that Runnymede report, it has always been made clear that Islamophobia does not encompass disagreement, criticism or even condemnation of Islam. It is complete hogwash to pretend otherwise. [Miqdaad Versi, 480 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 718 votes] Islamophobia is used to silence any and all criticism of an ideology. Which, like any other ideology, should be open to perfectly legitimate criticism.

[2ND 637] In my opinion there are some things about Islam (as well as other prosletising religions) that we in the modern, liberal world SHOULD fear.

Therfore there can be no such thing as “Islamophobia”; there is reason to fear it.

[5TH 384] The distinction between legitimate criticism and ‘phobia’ is purely in the mind of the beholder. Britain is certainly a more tolerant society than many of those based on Islamic beliefs.[Guardian Cif] Read more

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