An open letter to President Erdogan from 38 Nobel laureates

We wish to draw your attention to the damage being done to the Republic of Turkey, to its reputation and the dignity and wellbeing of its citizens, through what leading authorities on freedom of expression deem to be the unlawful detention and wrongful conviction of writers and thinkers.

In a Memorandum on the Freedom of Expression in Turkey (2017), Nils Muižnieks, then Council of Europe commissioner for Human Rights, warned:

“The space for democratic debate in Turkey has shrunk alarmingly following increased judicial harassment of large strata of society, including journalists, members of parliament, academics and ordinary citizens, and government action which has reduced pluralism and led to self-censorship. This deterioration came about in a very difficult context, but neither the attempted coup, nor other terrorist threats faced by Turkey, can justify measures that infringe media freedom and disavow the rule of law to such an extent. [412 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 116 votes] The Turkish government complain about being stereotyped by the West.

Perhaps not behaving like ISIS-lite would help.

[2ND 80] It’s doubtful the Turkish dictator will be moved.

[3RD 68] A letter from the 38 most senior Al Qaeda operatives would be far more likely to work.

[4TH 56] Until Turkey frees detained writers and returns to the rule of law, it cannot claim to be a member of the free world Turkey has never been a member of the free world and, with Islamists firmly in charge, will never be. And I doubt Erdogan and his Islamist chums care much about the free world. So, I am afraid this is all in vain. [Guardian Cif] Read more

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