Scout master fired for ‘Darth Vader’ veil jibe

A Scout master has been expelled for comparing a Muslim leader who wore a niqab, which covers the face, to the Star Wars villain Darth Vader.

Brian Walker, 63, an assistant Explorer Scout leader, complained to Scouting magazine after it featured the woman who it said “cut a striking figure” “in her full Islamic veil” “when she takes the girls out canoeing”.

He emailed saying: “Canoeists don’t dress like this; they need all-round unobstructed vision so they protect the group. They will most likely drown wearing that Darth Vader tent!”

The woman, from Yorkshire, named as Zainab, told the spring 2017 edition: “It’s not about being Muslim, it’s about being human. A couple of times we’ve been out on hikes in our hijabs and neckers, and people have come up to us and given us lots of positive comments. It’s not a ­barrier; it doesn’t stop me from doing anything. I’m bossy. Nobody can say I’m repressed.” [78 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 115 votes] Madness, sharia law cripping into our society. You can’t even criticise or joke about the burka. Doesn’t matter that someone can drown or be suffocated by veil when doing sport. Let alone about psychological aspect of not seeing facial expression nor body language when 70% of our communication is non verbal. It doesn’t create a trustful relationship.

[2ND 101] He is quite correct about needing all around vision when canoeing, more so than driving where women wearing this attire are a danger to other road users, but more importantly, pedestrians.

The time has come where practicality, and common sense override political correctness.

[3RD 85] Just yesterday a top Cleric in Saudi Arabia issued a ruling that Women need no longer wear an Abaya.

It seems just as Saudi Arabia is turning away from an intolerant and unbending form of Islam that promotes Women to dress in the full veil – we in the Politically correct UK are marching – lemming like over the cliff – towards it .

[4TH 76] PC irrationality and willingness to suppress reasonable comment knows no bounds.

There has to be a reaction against these narcissistic posturing morons.

[5TH 72] “…..It’s not a ­barrier; it doesn’t stop me from doing anything” she says.

It does exactly what it is designed to do, it’s a mysoginistic construct to prevent her interacting with the world. For a ‘teacher’ and ‘guide’ of children I’d have thought personal and social interaction would be rather important.

…. She has every right to wear what she wants but she should not be able to teach or lead children wearing that type of outfit. It’s simply inappropriate for the role and shouldn’t that be the criteria to on which to base a decision of suitability rather than ‘cultural rights’ and PCness. [The Times (£)] Read more

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