Hate probe as former mayor calls headmistress who banned the hijab in primary school an ‘evil racist’

A former mayor is being investigated over claims he called a headmistress who banned the hijab an ‘evil racist’.

Salim Mulla is accused of being part of a hate campaign that targeted primary school headmistress Neena Lall.

As part of attempts to help children integrate into British society, she banned the Islamic headscarf and fasting for pupils under eight at St Stephen’s Primary in Newham, East London.

But the school is said to have been bullied into reversing the move after it received ‘ridiculous oppression and intimidation’ in emails and online comments from around the country.

Mr Mulla, a serving Labour councillor in Blackburn – some 240 miles away – is accused of being part of a campaign that led to Miss Lall caving in and her chairman of governors resigning. [527 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 7116 votes] The government should enforce a blanket ban on wearing the hijab of all primary school children.

[2ND 6382] Neena has the right idea! Making 8 year old kids fast is atrocious!

[3RD 5726] Surely the headmistress is being the opposite of racist – ensuring none of her pupils looks different. This seems a good way forward until such time as the children are old enough to reach a decision without being forced by their parents.

[4TH 4994] Islam isn’t a race.

[5TH 4314] Nothing to do with race. [Daily Mail] Read more

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