Police are called in after primary school is ‘intimidated’ into dropping a ban on Muslim girls wearing hijabs

Police have been called in after a top-rated primary school was ‘intimidated’ into dropping a ban on Muslim girls wearing hijabs.

St Stephen’s in Newham, East London, was bombarded with thousands of emails – many allegedly abusive or threatening violence against staff – after it ruled that girls aged under eight should not wear headscarves.

In the face of the protests, the chairman of the governors, Arif Qawi, announced his resignation on Friday and the school said it had reversed its ban after ‘speaking to the school community’.

However, insiders said staff had been bullied by an ‘orchestrated’ campaign of up to 500 emails a day from across the country, with some messages falsely branding head teacher Neena Lall, 50, a ‘paedophile’ who ‘deserved what she had coming’.

Critics said the school had failed to consult parents properly.

The ban was imposed before Christmas to help five- and six-year-olds integrate better after staff noticed they were often reluctant to join in playground games because their headscarves were cumbersome. The campaign against the ban gathered momentum last week after locals began a petition opposing it, and Islamic activists and Left-wing Newham councillors criticised the decision.

[TOP RATED COMMENT 2889 votes] Why these people want to live among us, is beyond me. The animosity and aggression they show towards our rules and way of life, knows no bounds……..

[2ND 2381] Why aren’t these threats investigated by the police? Is it because of who is sending them? It’s our country and our rules I find it offensive when people come over to try and change our rules, Leave the ban in place then send the police around to everyone who issued threats.

[3RD 1969] The government should make no headscarves in primary schools the law. Anyone breaking that law should be penalised.

[4TH 1810] This is Britain and we should stand strong against bullying and intimidation. This should be a warning of where we are going if we do not uphold right against wrong in a liberal western country.

[5TH 1784] Why??? It isn’t an Islamic school.. [Daily Mail] Read more

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