Why is Britain keeping quiet about Pakistan’s assault on free speech?

In recent times Pakistani social media activists of a liberal, secular persuasion have been abducted by agents of the state, tortured then released after a few weeks. Invariably they then give up the blogging business: they stop criticising the country’s military establishment, or the militant religious groups long backed by the army as proxy warriors.

Last month saw another abduction of a peace activist in Lahore. A Marxist professor was found dead in Karachi yesterday.

Pakistani journalist who criticised military tells of attempted abduction

And last week, Taha Siddiqui, an outspoken journalist, narrowly escaped the most brazen kidnap attempt yet. He was roughed up, in broad daylight, by several armed men who had stopped the taxi he was travelling in on a busy Islamabad road. It is beyond any reasonable doubt that his attackers were military personnel. The army had already made clear its annoyance with his outspoken journalism.

[TOP RATED COMMENT 301 votes] Because if we spoke out about it you’d probably call us out for some sort of Islamophobia or colonial overtones.

[2ND 225] And what would happen if the UK Government did criticise the Pakistani Government? There would be accusations of Islamophobia and cultural insensitivity, some ‘loner with mental health and drug issues’ will either blow himself up or plough into a bus stop and then we’ll get the usual cycle of self blame and hand wringing.

Because there are so many Pakistanis living in Britain the UK Government has to put up and shut up when it comes to issues regarding Pakistan. If there was not such a large number of Pakistanis here then the fight against the Taleban would have gone over the Afghan border into Pakistan, the nation that has supplied and supported the Taleban over the years.

The fact Bin Laden was found in Pakistan would indicate it is a haven for Islamists. If we were serious about defeating the likes of Al Quaeda and ISIS then Pakistan would have been dealt with properly. What has happened is that the Government are now too scared of reprisals on British soil to take action. Not good.

[3RD 181] I think frankly we’re all bored of trying to have a grown up dialogue with Pakistan.

It seems pretty clear to me that Pakistan seeks to rip off anyone who expresses an interest in helping her, by deliberately perpetuating whatever problem help has been offered with, in order to keep the ‘help’ rolling in.

Let Pakistan do what she wants. If Pakistan is absolutely not capable of standing up without having her hand held, ask India or China for help, we’ve already given plenty. [Guardian Cif] Read more

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