Amanda Spielman interview: ‘There are children in this country for whom British values are meaningless’

…. What horrifies her most is “the extent to which there are places in society that are very determined to have children not even knowing that there is any other way of thinking besides that which prevails in their particular group. There are people growing up in this country who . . . aren’t aware of the reach of equalities law and for whom British values are pretty meaningless. We are seeing separate or divergent societies developing.”

She is concerned by the number of primary schools that include the hijab as part of their uniforms. “Girls are made to think, ‘Am I immodest if I’m not wearing one?’ at an age when a child shouldn’t have to worry about being modest,” she explains. “We need to make sure that schools don’t sleepwalk into saying we must be accommodating and accidentally bringing problems into school that don’t necessarily need to be there.”

…. Although many of the worst cases have been in Islamic schools, she insists: “We see these problems in Muslim, Jewish and the odd Christian school. This is not an attack on Islam.” An estimated 70,000 children have disappeared from the education system and the chief inspector fears that the freedom to home-school is being abused by parents who want to segregate their children in a parallel, religiously run system.

[TOP RATED COMMENT 77 votes] It is time Education Secretary Justine Greening expresses vocal support for Amanda Spielman, and offers tangible help in confronting the extremists operating British schools.

[2ND 68] Not just children…. there is a large immigrant population now that has no wish to integrate and would rather take over and impose their values on us. Which will happen over the next decades unless we stop dreaming and listening to the brain-washing, doled out everyday from the BBC et al.

[3RD 42] Surely this was all to be expected given the level of diverse beliefs in this country. This has been on the horizon for many years. We chose to look the other way.

[4TH= 35] I can see which way the wind is blowing and I am getting prepared now. I have my Koran and am learning a few chosen phrases like Allahu Akbar. I am already practising beating my wife and restricting her from leaving the house. I’m going to be on the right side when the day comes.

[4TH= 35] Is this what trendy liberals term “Multiculturalism”

[6TH 29] All schools should teach a core curriculum designed to allow its products to participate in social, professional and personal life in the UK. Any school which teaches otherwise should be summarily closed.

The rules on home/alternative education need to be tightened and it should also be a bottom line that any child so educated must meet the above criterion.

There is a functioning civil and criminal law code in the UK and that should be obeyed at all times. Any school which teaches a knowledge/behavior system which contravenes British Law should likewise be closed…and we should not be apologetic about this.

[7TH 28] We must hear more from this very sensible person and soon.

Refreshing stuff for once.

[8TH= 22] What seems to be unseen for most people is the fact that British values have already been disappearing for many years. They have been replaced with “political correctness”.

We are deteriorating national values with pleading ‘diversity’.

What I am saying is not a call for nationalism.

Just a simple conclusion that we have become feared of saying out loud: “This is the UK, respect our law. If you don’t respect it, you will have to leave.”

We will be ruled by other religions’ rules not by the UK law in next 15 years…

May the Force be with Ms Amanda Spielmann.

[8TH- 22] Brave lass. Well said, well done.

But “illegal schools”? If they’re illegal you shut them down immediately. Send everyone home there and then all staff out and triple lock the doors, with police tape if needs be. How come there are ANY illegal schools that have lasted longer than a week? [The Times (£)] Read more

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