Egypt shows again that Muslims have most to fear from extremist Islamists

…. The primary target of radical Islamist groups is, and always has been, other Muslims. Muslims are the principal victims – and Muslims, more than any other group, are the ones who are fighting them more than anyone else. Rather than problematise them, we ought to recognise that Muslims are an integral – the most fundamental – part of the campaign against radical extremism. Of course, Mr Trump, while offering his condolences to Mr al-Sisi, a close ally, couldn’t bring himself to acknowledge that the victims of this latest atrocity were Muslims.

Another key point is that while it may be tempting to describe this brutal attack as an extremist group attacking another minority in a Muslim-majority country, we ought to be very careful about falling into that trap. Sufis aren’t a sect of Muslims; rather, Sufism is an integral part of mainstream Sunni Islam.

Extremists may deny that, but there is no reason why the rest of us ought to; historically, all normative expressions of Islam took for granted the discipline of Sufism as a spiritual science within Islamic thought. That radicals deem Sufi orders, or those affiliated to them, as renegades is not in keeping with the heritage of Sunni Islam, whether in Egypt or elsewhere. [246 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 289 votes] “Muslims should be embraced by the West”

Perhaps this should be the other way round. Muslims should embrace the West. Adapt to Western society integrate into it take on its values and behaviours.

Accept equalities.

It is not enough to stand apart and then complain that they are not treated in the same way.

[2ND 236] [A COMMENT SAID] “London’s mayor is Muslim. Visit Tower Hamlets and many people on the street will be Muslim. Channel 4 news has a Muslim presenter who wares the veil. As so often with people who do not encounter Muslims in daily life, you make the mistake of assuming every Muslim is an actual of potential terrorist. Which plays right into extremists’ hate narrative.2

Tower Hamlets is an example of self-segregation, the opposite of integration. I do not think that example helps the point you are trying to make.

[3RD 191] Western civilisation should hold islam in contempt as it is incompatible with democracy,freedom,equality and tolerance.

[4TH 190] Everyone has something to fear from Islamists and anyone who thinks their god is the be all and end all.

[5TH 172] “Muslims have most to fear from Islamists”

Then do something about it. The cancer is in Islam, nowhere near the majority of peaceful Islam, but that hard line Islamic teachings which are a conveyor belt to violent Islamism that too many ignore. It needs to be cut out, fought against at every turn, given no quarter.

I know many in Islamic countries are doing that, but we also know far too many are not. You need a reformation, you need to make Islam fit for purpose in the 21st century. Failure to do so will mean more Islamist terrorism. [Guardian Cif] Read more

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