No one talks about the fact that in sharia courts, British Muslim women have fewer rights than women in Islamic countries

Channel 4 has commissioned a documentary titled The Truth About Muslim Marriage, to be shown this Tuesday. It examines whether Britain’s centuries-old marriage laws need to be updated to reflect and better serve today’s multifaith society.

The sighs and groans have already begun from Muslims about this on my social media. “Not another documentary ‘othering’ Muslims,” have been the cries.

I do not share this complaint. I have heard enough tales of women wronged and almost destroyed in the cases of separation and divorce to know that this is a subject that needs to be shouted about from the rooftops in order to obtain a change in the law. One which will give British Muslim women the right to a civil divorce and a share of matrimonial finances.

Take the case of a friend of a friend who tried to separate from her husband. Actually, she was already separated. She paid her own rent, utility bills and living costs, as well as solely providing for her three children who were all under the age of 10. Her peace of mind and happiness were all on hold as she tried to obtain a divorce through the Sharia Council because her husband refused to grant her one.

[TOP RATED COMMENT] This is a ‘bait and switch’ article. The ‘bait’ is the appearance of an article that will blow the lid off Islamic marriage. Then, once you’re hooked, it ‘switches’ to this: ‘Her faith taught her that she was an equal human being who was worthy of respect.’

Really?! Islam teaches that women must do what men tell them because men pay the bills. Islam teaches that a woman’s evidence in court is worth only half that of a man. Islam teaches that a woman is like a man’s field – tilth, in Arabic – and that like his ‘field’, her husband can ‘go upon her’ whenever he wishes.

This is one fish who didn’t take the bait!

[HIGH RATED COMMENT] This whole story shows we have a parallel legal system ruling over 4m British Muslims, where the women have far worse rights than the men.

The sooner we ban sharia ‘courts’, the better.

But do you hear feminists howling about this rank injustice that affects 2m British women? Demonstrating outside places where the all-male Sharia courts are sitting?

Of course not. Too difficult. Too ‘racist’. Much easier to attack white men over the supposed pay gap and manspreading.

[ANOTHER] Religious courts should not be allowed in this country. We have our legal system, that’s it.

By the way, women are no better treated under the Beth Din (Jewish courts) either.

One court system, one law.

[ANOTHER] No ,British Muslim womens rights should not match those of women in Muslim countries,they should match those of British non-Muslim women. There should be no place for sharia courts and sharia law in Britain. Muslim women married by clergy must have their marriages registered by law as they do in churches,and the couple sign a register in the same room as couples do here. Anyone involved in conducting unregistered or polygamous marriages should be jailed.Divorce and the custody of children should be totally in control of British law.

[ANOTHER] Surely these women cannot be so isolated, confined and gullible as to be TOTALLY ignorant of the laws of the country in which they live? Oh wait—of course we live in a multi-culti paradise where no one is encouraged to become part of the host community or we’d all be called “wacist”. What is more “wacist” than allowing a significant numbers of inhabitants to be completely without rights?

[ANOTHER] The law has to apply to everyone equally or what’s the point? We get angry when rich people can subvert the law or gay people have less rights under the law. Shouldn’t Muslim women be equal under British law too? Why do religions keep getting away with subverting the laws of the land. From catholic priests getting away with child abuse to Muslim husbands getting away with anything, religion’s shouldn’t have exemptions under the law. [The Independent] Read more

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