Al-Hijrah Islamic school defies ruling on mixing sexes

One of Britain’s first state-funded Islamic schools is to be the subject of an appeal against a court ruling that it was guilty of sex discrimination by separating girls and boys from the age of nine for lessons, breaks and clubs.
Al-Hijrah, a school for 4 to 16-year-olds in Birmingham — where inspectors found books saying a man could beat his wife — has been told that pending the appeal it has to obey this month’s Court of Appeal ruling and allow boys and girls to mix freely.

The school has informed parents that there will be “no immediate changes”, however. The appeal to the Supreme Court will be lodged by the Association of Muslim Schools on behalf of Al-Hijrah. About 25 other faith schools are understood to be affected by the ruling. They include around 10 state-funded Jewish schools.

[TOP RATED COMMENT 57 votes] So a state-funded Islamic school (that sentence is already weird…) considers itself under no obligation to adhere to the laws and regulations of said state.

How very not surprising.

[2ND 51] Enough pussy-footing around. Close the school until the governers agree to obey the law of the land that they enjoy.

[3RD 37] Close the school- send the children to the next nearest state school where they can mix properly until this school complies with the law of the land and the fact is is state funded, by me and millions of others.

I am getting so fed up with the way Muslims are allowed always to be separate , exempted, allowed not to integrate, have their put their religion before our law ( sharia) but maintain special and victim status. Clearly if this sort of thing continues they will never integrate but lead a parallel life to us until they overtake us.

Make them integrate. De islamise UK society so that their religion is a private matter only preached at progressive mosques, sharia is banned and they become totally integrated into UK law and values.

[4TH 31] Close the school and make the practice of Shariah Law illegal.

[5TH 30] Should not be allowed in this country where we like to believe we are all equal. Segration is appalling wherever it lies.

[6TH 23] OK, if that’s their attitude, there’s one quick and easy solution – close it! End of… We have a law in this land, and schools of all faiths are required to observe it. Cut the cackle, the time for prevarication is over.

[7TH 21] Segregation in our society MUST stop, now. [The Times (£)] Read more

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