Muslim mother-of-five, 44, was ordered to leave sixth-form college open evening because she was wearing niqab face veil ‘that stopped her being recognised on CCTV’

…. Sayeedah Mahetar, 44, was visiting the school with her teenage daughter who was hoping to study there next year.

The pair were welcomed into the entrance of the college but once inside Ms Mahetar was approached by a teacher who asked her to remove her veil or leave the college.

A spokesman for the school said it was part of their safeguarding policy not to allow anyone to wear garments which obstructed their face inside their grounds.

Ms Mahetar said: ‘The staff member rushed over to me and whispered to me, ‘Are you aware of our dress code policy?’ ‘I said no and then she said that anyone wearing a veil compromises the safety of students and teachers and that either I remove the veil or I leave.’

She told her daughter to continue the Open Day alone and that she would meet her outside the college premises.

[TOP RATED COMMENT 937 votes] Good for the college

[2ND 863] It should be banned in public in the UK everywhere. Can’t wear a motorcycle helmet into a building because it obscures the face.

[3RD 852] Good for them! We can’t have one rule for one lot and another for the rest of us – either ban all face coverings or legalise all, anything else is unfair treatment

[4TH 838] Well done St. Mary’s; their right to do so. Do not backtrack and apologise please.

[5TH 816] Well done to the school. Its there policy so tough luck. She says she takes it off for work but couldn’t take it off for a hour at college, whatever! It should be banned anyway

[6TH 743] Good for the college. We all have to stand firm against this. If you don’t like it- leave.

[7TH 675] Removed it at work why not at College. [Daily Mail] Read more

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