Market trader, 56, is BANNED from town centre after selling Knights Templar coffee mugs that are ‘offensive’ to Muslims

A market stall holder has been banned from having a stand in a town centre because she was selling ‘offensive’ Knights Templar coffee mugs.

Tina Gayle has been prohibited from having a stall in Loughborough Market after someone complained about the mugs.

She said the complainant had told the council the £6 Knights Templar mugs were offensive to Muslims and so she was asked to remove them from her stall.

When she refused to do so she was sent a letter and informed she had been given an outright ban.

Speaking to MailOnline Miss Gayle, 56, said: ‘It’s very unfair. The council told me about the complaint about the mugs and them being offensive to Muslims. They asked me to remove them. I said that was ridiculous and told them “no”.

‘They then printed off a letter on Friday at 4pm and said I’m banned. You’re meant to have three written warnings before expulsion and they didn’t do that. It was apparently something so bad they were banning me completely.’ [1367 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 10305 votes] Pathetic country we live in. Are they going to ban all shops and butchers from selling pork now?

[2ND 6968] …. am going to buy one in protest.

[3RD 6489] Citizens of Loughborough. Vote differently at the next council election.

[4TH 6331] WTF. Nights Templar is part of British history. Does British history have to be scrubbed clean so it doesn’t offend anyone. This is sick – the country is almost unrecogniseable.

[5TH 4904] Sue the Council for every penny they have. It is time these PC brigade idiots were stopped.

[6TH 4253] Ffs …. I am SICK of this pathetic nonsense!!

[7TH 3793] What a complete and utter bunch of idiots they are at Charnwood Borough Council.

[8TH 3373 ] I find ignorance and stupidity offensive so would the council kindly step down to be replaced by people who pick up a book occasionally and can display less prejudice to historical facts. [Daily Mail] Read more

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