Hate crime targeting UK mosques more than doubled in past year, figures show

Hate crimes targeting mosques across the UK more than doubled between 2016 and 2017, new figures have revealed.

Police forces recorded 110 hate crimes directed at Muslim places of worship between March and July this year, up from 47 over the same six month period in 2016.

The Press Association reports that racist abuse, acts of vandalism at mosques and bomb threats feature heavily among the reported hate crimes.

Smashed windows at mosques, damage to cars parked outside and graffiti were all recorded along with physical assaults on Muslims on their way in or out of the buildings, two cases of arson and two complaints of bacon being left on mosque doors.

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott called the figures “deeply troubling”.

“Attacks on any religious group or minority are abominable,” she said, adding: “These anti-Muslim attacks will be condemned by all decent people.”

[TOP RATED COMMENT] Of course the Muslims are the victim group here.

I mean occasionally someone puts a bacon rasher in a Mosque car park whilst they rape thosands of little girls and conduct numerous mass murder attacks.

[NEXT] When you consider getting Jailed for 12 months for throwing a Bacon Sandwich and a Muslim who got a caution for threatening to behead a 10 yr old innocent Army Cadet – the Racism in favour of Islam is staggering!

The Indy chooses to ignore those facts as always!

[NEXT] Our government, and other EU governments, refuse to recognise the concern of a majority of the population at the establishment of muslim communities in our countries. The government survey referenced below by Honest outlines many of the problems but we are repeatedly told it is all ‘our’ fault for failing to provide help and support, for failing to employ, for failing to make concessions.

It is not our fault, many muslims want a life apart. They want all the advantages of living in Europe but while continuing to live according to their culture and mores. Indeed they want more separatism, more influence.

While the percentage of muslims in the UK is still relatively low (6%) the numbers in the lower age ranges are higher, the growth rate is higher. And the ‘noise’ made by muslims about their rights, what has to be done for them is out of proportion. It is perfectly possible, if nothing is done, that the UK will become majority muslim. As a woman, in particular, that thought fills me with dread.

We are not allowed to debate this, we are labelled racist, Islamophobic. Read the Tom North comment below, report people for ‘extremism’, no debate.

It is not acceptable that discussing this subject is taboo. It should be debated in parliament. It is a major question on the future direction of our country.

[NEXT] It seems very strange that a religion whose god, Allah, describes me and 6 billion other non-Muslims on Earth as trash and dirt, should make allegations about hatred shown towards them.

“Surely the vilest of animals in Allah’s sight are those who disbelieve.” (Al Qur’an 8.55)

And, of course, we mustn’t forget that many accusations made by Muslims have turned out to have been false.

[The Independent] Read more

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