School abandons uniform headscarf plan

PLANS to introduce a uniform headscarf at a Burnley school have been abandoned.

Last term bosses at Sir John Thursby Community College announced a uniform covering after concerns were raised that headscarves were not being worn correctly.

But hundreds of people signed a petition protesting against the move saying the new headscarves were uncomfortable, not sufficiently modest and breached health and safety.

…. “We are pleased to support those young people who have made the choice to wear a headscarf for religious reasons, and who do so in a manner which ensures their safety, whilst meeting the college uniform requirements.”

Rules require headscarves to be black without tassels or adornments, worn without pins and so that ties are clearly displayed.

Dr Davies added: “As with any other breach of college uniform, parents will be informed of their child’s failure to comply with uniform rules on a regular basis.

[TOP RATED COMMENT] It was always going to be the outcome, god forbid and rules that go against the muslims, just as the halal slaughter issue, the sad fact is that the followers of the draconian ideology will always get their way, this country of ours is going down the proverbial toilet, and I would just like to say a massive thank you to our old queenie, who is supposed to be the protector of the faith, great job maj, great job!

[NEXT] More climbdowns and cowardice from those with power. The Muslims don’t do compromise. Why do we keep giving in to them?

[NEXT] Then my children want and shall …. wear STONE ISLAND jumpers and caps (with the school badge displayed of course) .. It’s my right for me to make my children look cool.

[NEXT] We are pleased to support those young people who have made the choice to wear a headscarf for religious reasons,

no its not when will these morons stop saying it is ????? its a symbol of female humiliation in puberty; not surprised the invisible local councillor khan spouts her usual drivel.

[NEXT] yet again we bend over backwards for these people if you dont like the rules in this country then leave.

[NEXT] So that opens the door to the pupils wearing trainers and tracksuits. Or will they be discriminated against. They can just say its in the book of fairy-tales according to chav. [Lancashire Telegraph] Read more

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