The problem with ‘The Muslim Problem’

…. You see, that’s the problem with The Muslim Problem: it discriminates against one specific faith community and incites ill-feeling towards all members of it. It inclines toward crass caricatures of Muslim identity and dehumanises the faithful, loyal and peaceful followers if Islam.

To paraphrase Trevor Phillips: it insults the followers of the second-largest religion in the UK, the vast majority of whom have not been even remotely associated with these crimes. Just as the definition of the Jewish Problem consigned millions of Jews to torture and murder, so the articulation of The Muslim Problem will cause a backlash against all British-born Muslims and those of other countries.

Now is not the time for knee-jerk journalism stoking anti-Muslim sentiment: the solutions to these societal tensions are to be found in the pursuit of theology; in robust comparative religion; in the fearless pursuit of Christology versus Prophetology. As the Rev’d Dr Gavin Ashenden wrote a few months ago, ‘We need to talk more about Jesus and Mohammed and less about Christianity and Islam‘. The divine mission is to witness to God’s truth, not to denigrate any of those who are made in His image.

[TOP RATED COMMENT] I do wish people would stop thinking of Islam as a religion and only a religion. It is not. Islam is a political ideology which seeks totalitarian control over the world and is prepared to use violence and terror to achieve this ambition. Islam deems all non-Muslims to be inferior members of the human race just as the Nazis viewed the untermensch.

Islam’s attitude toward Jews, homosexuals and women is remarkably similar to Nazism as well. Islam was established by a warlord and Islamic “scriptures” when stripped of religious overtones are essentially the most efficient blueprint for war and supremacism the world has ever seen. Our epochal problem in the West is that Islam is now exercising political power in our secular countries and is fanatically protected by Western elites for reasons perhaps best known only to themselves.

Islam will demographically overwhelm us within decades and if we wish to survive as a people and a culture we must remove Islam from the West. If anyone has a better idea I would love to hear it – as long as it is not suicidally silly, such as talking more about Jesus, which is as much use today as it was in 1939 when we were confronted by much the same ideology. We are at a 21st century Chamberlain / Churchill moment and we really need a Churchill.

[2ND] What is the “Muslim problem?” That my young children will be living in an Islamic Britain in their 40s, on current demographic trends. For me that is a big problem, and a much bigger problem for the next generation. We must distinguish between a commitment to religious freedom and the religiophobic refusal to address the big questions of religion that determine the basis of our culture.

Allowing freedom of religion within our nation does not mean we must be blind to the religion of immigrants and refugees wanting to live in our country. Indeed, for a happy country, we should welcome those with affinity to our Christian history and culture. That is far more important than checking if immigrants have professional qualifications or a decent amount of money in the bank.

We have a duty to think about how immigration may change our country. If we can see that it has changed it, and is continuing to change it, for the worse then ditch the political correctness and lets think what sort of Britain we want our grandchildren to live in. ….

[3RD] The “Jewish Problem” was constructed upon a foundation of race. The “Muslim Problem” is constructed upon a foundation of ideology. They are not therefore analogous. It would be more correct to analogize Islam to “The Communist Problem”. Islam is an ideology that is wholly antithetical to Western culture and Western civilization.

If you wish to keep Western civilization you must maintain dominance over Islam. To the extent you lose that dominance you will also lose the things you value in the West. The question is “How do you maintain that dominance?” [Archbishop Cranmer] Read more

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