Muslim leader Keysar Trad wants Australian men to be allowed multiple wives – but says gay marriage is wrong because people of the same gender ‘should only be friends’

A Muslim leader wants Australian men to be allowed multiple wives and hopes the public will one day support his dream of Islamic marriage equality.

Keysar Trad says polygamy is actually a privilege reserved for women, even though only men are allowed multiple spouses under Islamic law.

‘If public opinion was pushing for a change, that was consistent with my religion, I would not object to it,’ he told Daily Mail Australia on Thursday.

‘In my humble opinion, the advantage is not so much to the man.

[TOP RATED COMMENT 266 votes] I wish he’d go to a country more suited to his beliefs

[2ND 254] He thinks gay marriage is wrong, we think polygamy is wrong. Please find another country that shares the same views as you and leave.

[3RD 244] Book a one way ticket out of Australia.

[4TH 239] There [are] countries that accommodate those beliefs, no problem. Jump on a plane and go there mate.

[5TH 221] Get lost, Trad, hopefully in another country. This is Australia and every migrant will know it’s laws. Don’t like them then don’t come. Tired of all this stuff. [Daily Mail Australia] Read more

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