‘Sharia law opponents are bigots’: Muslim psychologist calls for Australia to introduce special laws for followers of Islam

A prominent Muslim psychologist with a practice in Sydney’s west says opponents of Sharia law are bigots.

Hanan Dover has told her 10,898 Facebook followers Australia needed to allow special laws for Muslims.

‘Religious groups can engage the laws and negotiate change in Australia whatever your religious schtick,’ she said.

‘But, only one of those religious laws creates political and media hysteria because it suits political fear-mongering and that’s pretty obvious – Islam.’

Ms Dover compared the idea of allowing Islamic law for Muslims with Aboriginal customary laws in the criminal justice system.

‘The fact that there is only one single law for Australians is BS,’ she said.

[TOP RATED COMMENT 1555 votes] A country can only have one system of law. If you object to the Australian legal system and wish to live under Sharia law, go somewhere you can do that.

[2ND 1156] No no no and no! There should never be a special case for a separate law for one minority group because they will use it to never fully accept the real law of the land! If they don’t like it they can go and live in aceh Indonesia!

[3RD 996] Australia is not a Muslim country and never will be.

[4TH 844] Australia, like all countries has its laws, legislation and regulations that are there for EVERYONES good. In every country there is only room for one rule of law that is followed by all citizens – born or adopted, and all those resident through visa etc. There is no room for a divisive legal system in any country that separates people by religion, that is what the Nazi’s did and we all know how that ended.

If someone does not want to abide by the laws of the country then they can either go to prison or leave the country and live in a country that better suits their needs. [Daily Mail Australia] Read more

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