Legislation is needed to stop one ethnicity taking over a school, says Bradford superhead

Sir Nick Weller, the executive principal at Dixons Academies which runs a chain of schools in the west Yorkshire city, said that introducing a new law is the “only answer” to prevent children being segregated along ethnic lines.

He said that it is “unhealthy” for a city like Bradford to have two communities living “separate lives” and for the children to be educated at different schools.

“I think it’s unhealthy in a city like Bradford for two communities to live separate lives, which by and large they do,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

“You could say Bradford is almost two communities: the Muslim community and the white community.”

Mr Weller said that rather than sending children to the closest school, parents prefer to send them further away to a school where the majority of children are from the same ethnic background.

“Families will ignore the school that is nearest them because it is predominantly of one – the wrong ethnic group – and they will send them a little bit further down the road to a school where they feel more comfortable,” said Mr Weller, who was knighted in 2015 for his services to education.

Asked if there was a “tipping point” where the proportion of one community becomes for high in a school that others are deterred from sending their children there, he said: “I think once you get to sort of 70 to 80 per cent, once you get that, then yes.”

[TOP RATED COMMENT] I am amazed if anyone surprised by this?

Feeling like a stranger in your own land, loss of cultural identity and having multiculturalism forced fed and being made to feel guilty if you are not a believer.

[ANOTHER] A political agenda


Invented to make a politician feel better

The UK experiment failed

The two sides want nothing to do with each other

Just the facts

Little wonder if you can get out you would

I see the headmaster spoke out and needed police protection for being honest …

[ANOTHER] Bradford. Is that in Pakistan?

[ANOTHER] I used to work at Drummond Middle school pre Ray Honeyford just as Islam was starting to have an impact on it. Just before I left the Head was berated for not allowing sheep to be slaughtered for halal meat in the coke cellar. It was racist (not health and safety).

All these decades on Ray Honeyford (and Enoch Powell) are owed an apology by those champions of political correctness who hounded them.

[ANOTHER] Entirely predictable ….. and it was.

This problem has been exacerbated by the Government’s policy on encouraging state-funded faith schools.

As a white, indigenous, nominally Christian English national, I would not send my child to a Muslim school.

If that child was a female. I would not want her forced to wear demeaning clothing or be taught that she is a second-class human being …… and I wouldn’t want any son learning those messages either.

There should be no state-funded faith schools. [The Telegraph] Read more

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