Islamists have failed to divide France. Will they succeed in Britain?

Islamic State will be delighted by what happened outside Finsbury Park mosque in the early hours of Monday morning. In the space of three months they’ve achieved in Britain what they failed to pull off in France during five years, and provoked a retaliatory act.

This is what they want. When the Syrian intellectual, Abu Moussab al-Souri, published his 1600-page manifesto in 2005, ‘The Global Islamic Resistance Call’, his stated goal was to plunge Europe into a war of religion.

Describing the continent as the soft underbelly of the West, al-Souri’s first target was France, the country he considered the most susceptible to fracturing along religious lines because it has the largest Muslim population in Europe, many of whom could be manipulated by both the colonial history of France and its strict secularism that outlaws ostentatious displays of religion.

[TOP RATED COMMENT 36 votes] Blimey. Talk about wishful thinking. The seeds of future discontent are only just being sown, and this writer is already on a victory lap for multicultural France.

[2ND 26] The problem is not fiddling (while Europe burns) over whether ‘laïcite’ or ‘multiculturalism’ is the least useless approach. The largest part of the problem is that European politicians – including our own from both Parties – have been importing into Blighty – ditto the rest of the Continent – many hundreds and hundreds of thousands of folks from often hostile countries and cultures every single year, after year, after year, after year, after … how many will the ferry service pick up in the Med for a taxi ride to Italy this week?

And next? And the next? How many ‘cousins’ and ‘uncles’ from the foothills arriving this year? And next? How many millions of young men of military age invited in off the back of the next picture of a kid on a beach, or sat in a seat someplace? One million? Three? Double that? Triple?

A deliberate policy to radically, rapidly and permanently change Britain and Europe’s demographics, pursued with vigor by *mainstream* politicians throughout Western Europe, our own crowd at Westminster, the Civil Service, (publicly-funded) *charities*, and defended/enforced by the BBC, etc., – that’s the real culprit behind the carnage on the streets of Britain and France, the many Rotherham’s and Cologne’s and Sweden’s, the thousands of armed police with automatic sub-machine guns now roaming the streets. How vibrant! The whole thing an unwanted and unnecessary policy pursued against the wishes and interests of the existing British – and European – people. Yay, celebrate!

Laïcite, Multiculturalism, who gives a monkeys, there’s no point praying and hoping that your particular abstraction works ever-so-slightly better, when no-one shows any signs of rowing away from the rocks.

[3RD 24] “Far from dividing French society with their campaign of terror, the Islamists have actually brought the country closer together. “

Oh it’s all OK then! So all we need in the UK is to have a bunch of Mohammadian peasants cut off a few heads and we’ll be united once more.

Thanks Gavin.

[4TH 22] I am afraid that Macron may buy a few years by his shrewd – and admirable – intervention. But the result of the game remains clear. The version of Islam that is compatible with liberal democratic modernity hasn’t been invented yet. And won’t ever be. Pray for our granddaughters. They will pay the price, as they always do.

[5TH 19] Gavin Mortimer is obsessed with the supposed wonders of laïcité. Last time he argued that it helped prevent Islamic terrorism, even though France has suffered worse than any other country. Now he’s arguing that it has prevented retaliatory attacks, implying that the reason we have suffered one is because we haven’t adopted it. But Darren Osborne was not motivated by any religious faith (as far as we know), so how on earth would secularism have stopped him? Or even if he was? People do write such drivel when it comes to Islam.

Face it, France is a divided country. You can’t have that many people of a different race, religion and culture in your country, who hate you and are ready to riot and support acts of terror, and call yourself united under any sensible definition.

[6TH 14] “…the Islamists have actually brought the country closer together. Government figures reveal that in 2016 ‘racist, anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim acts and threats’ dropped by 44.7pc compared to the previous year…”

From the report: “This very considerable decrease bears witness to the effectiveness of measures for protection of places of worship introduced in January 2015.”

How does this indicate that the country has come “closer together”? The fact that the government has had to increase the presence of armed police hardly fits the idyllic picture of a country at peace. But these so called “hate crimes”

European governments are busily concerning themselves with are often totally bogus; frequently they are frauds, unsubstantiated claims or the definitions are so loose as to be meaningless. It isn’t unusual for governments to shift definitions in order to modify statistics so that they can pronounce to the public how efficacious their policies are; the causality isn’t clear at all.

Of course, the report doesn’t record the number of ‘anti-French’ attacks launched from the Muslim enclaves, it doesn’t mention the extreme danger of the no go zones, and the French government is too hamstrung by political correctness to record the crime rates among the immigrants. In addition, the remarkably low turnout for the elections does not support the narrative that the French public are enamoured with the seraphic saviour of the EU, Macron. Rather it suggests they are dissatisfied by their political system and don’t want to engage with it.

The wider problems of multiculturalism are also missed in this article. The rapidly increasing number of Muslims is not going to encourage integration, it is going to heighten the chances of terrorist attacks, and enlarge the self segregated Muslim societies which will be the cause of further divisions.

Multicultural countries have never been successful; it is one of histories’ most obvious lessons. As an example of unity, we could look to Poland or Japan, which are almost entirely homogeneous and have very few Muslim inhabitants; none of them have experienced Jihadi attacks. But *that* kind of unity is not permitted under the current political orthodoxy. [The Spectator] Read more

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