‘We’ve had enough of being nice, it’s not working’: Mark Latham slams the ‘delusional’ wisdom of being civil to Muslims so an informant will tip police off about a potential terrorist attack

Former Labor leader turned political commentator Mark Latham has slammed the conventional wisdom of being nice to Muslims in the hope they will tip police off about a potential terrorist attack.

Mark Latham says the public is sick of having to ‘be nice’ in the wake of terrorist attacks this week in London and Melbourne.

…. Mr Latham said the idea that terrorists weren’t real Muslims needed to be challenged, after Somali-born refugee Yacqub Khayre killed a man at a serviced apartment in Melbourne during a Monday night siege, which ISIS claimed responsibility for.

‘The ‘be nice’ do gooders in the debate basically say that terrorism of this kind, they’re not really Muslim, this is not really a reflection of Islam and you don’t want to antagonise these communities because it will make them more dangerous, more radical and the security agencies worry about losing informants inside Islamic communities to tip them off about potential dangerous events,’ he said.

[TOP RATED COMMENT 362 votes] I agree, it is time to stop turning the other cheek. A big part of Australian democratic society was to give everyone a fair go, we have done and it is only got worse with the Muslim community. We have provided funding for schools, housing, benifits, mosques, Islamic advisors, deradicalisation programs and still have to bow to their demands . Worst still is that taxpayers have to pay for middle east terrorist police to protect us. No other group demand so much and repay us with disrespect.

[2ND 338] I think that it is amazing, I actually agree with him. This touchy feely approach has been a dismal failure.

[3RD 303] Mark Latham is 100% correct and I never thought I would say those words about him.

[4TH 275] Should be PM with Pauline as deputy.That’d shake things up

[5TH 266] For once I totally agree with Mark and if there are any of them who don’t want to integrate into our country should be removed.

[6TH 219] How was this guy part of the Labor Party, he makes a lot of sense and obviously hasn’t fallen for all the PC nonsense the ALP embody. Duncan Lewis is obviously an IDIOT, there could be no other conclusion, events like those in Rockhampton last May, had Never Ever occurred in Australia until then, probably why the press is working hard to suppress information about that incident

[7TH 219] Mark for PM [Daily Mail] Read more

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