Diversity is Britain’s greatest strength. It must be at the top of the political agenda

British politicians of all persuasions used to promote diversity as one of the jewels in the crown of our society. Diversity was viewed as a visible indication of the vibrancy of an inclusive, multicultural society, something to be celebrated and reflected throughout all levels of society.

In reality however, vested interests mean our society is still ruled by elites and inequality is entrenched. The desire to concentrate power and influence in the hands of a small circle chokes the dream of a diverse, meritocratic system of social progression.

Horrific terrorist attacks perpetrated by British citizens whose hearts resided elsewhere reinforce the idea that multiculturalism itself is under siege. And last year’s referendum result had already appeared to signal that multiculturalism was no longer desired by a majority of the nation.

Yet diversity is necessary for the legitimacy of any representative democracy. Over the years we have seen low levels of voter participation and poor engagement among minorities and other overlooked groups. Women, black and minority ethnic communities, young people or those with disabilities – huge swaths of the electorate have felt uninspired to exercise their right to suffrage. [224 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 338 votes] Come to the UK if you have something to contribute, obey the laws of the land, do all of the integration yourself – and do not expect your host to accommodate your old language, your supposed norms or your cultural quirks.

If that is too much to sacrifice – we can do without you enriching us.

[2ND 262] “Yet diversity is necessary for the legitimacy of any representative democracy.”

Why? If you come to a fairly homogeneous society – why should exceptions be made for diversity? How does a less diverse society somehow lack legitimacy? Are the Japanese bad?

[3RD 208] Indeed.

And why don’t we start with ‘diversity of opinion’. That is, for liberals to embrace viewpoints that are different from their own. This seems a remarkably good place to start. Or is that not the kind of diversity you have much time for?

[4TH 206 ] I have no issue with a multiracial society, but I object to a multicultural society. Multiculturalism leads to Parekh’s ‘community of communities’, where there are no ties that bind, and we become a series of competing groups. The individual becomes worthless in their own right. They are just deemed to be part of their ‘community’ with their interests mediated through ‘community leaders’, usually self-appointed.

[5TH 199] It always seems like the host community who have to do the ’embracing’ of diversity. I would like to see some communities ’embracing’ equal treatment of girls and women and accepting the diverse values of western society.

[6TH 177] Extremism doesn’t show us multiculturism doesn’t work, multiculturism shows us multiculturism doesn’t work. Extremism is just the product of that failure.

You can’t have a society running smoothly when groups within it are existing in parallel lives. And when you introduce an alien culture en mass, to an established settled culture, with attitudes which are clearly at odds with each other, and the host culture has bent over backwards in the name of tolerance…….then isn’t it any wonder patience is being lost?

[7TH 162] There are a lot of people from some backgrounds who appear to choose not to engage with wider society. Others appear to have no problems at all.

[8TH 152] What was the UK so lacking that it needed to import cultures that are so clearly unreconstructed? No one seems to answer this question. How the Left has arrived at a position whereby it supports such intolerant ‘communities’ in our midst baffles the hell out of me. [Guardian Cif] Read more

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