After London: let’s start talking about Islam

…. already we are seeing the same craven, baleful response that follows every act of Islamist terror. ‘Watch out for an Islamophobic backlash’, aloof observers say, their minds always more agitated by the thought of stupid white people saying something rude about Islam than by acts of Islamist mass murder. ‘Don’t say anything bad about this wonderful religion or its adherents’, they tell us. This is a really bad response, because it is becoming increasingly clear that one of the major problems we face today is not that our society is too mean about Islam, but that it flatters Islam too much.

…. What this means is that the supposedly correct response to terror attacks — ‘Don’t criticise Islam’ — is absolutely the worst response. It pours petrol on fire. It inflames the violent religious narcissism and self-pity that motors many of these attacks. Making criticism of Islam as commonplace and acceptable as criticism of any other religion or ideology is the first step to denuding Islamist terrorism of its warped moral programme, and it will also demonstrate that our society prizes freedom of speech over everything else — including your religion, your God, your prophets, your holy book and your feelings.

[TOP RATED COMMENT 71 votes] Described as a Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Cressida Dick’s pious reaction to the London Bridge murders:

“The last thing we need is people over-reacting or taking out their frustrations on people in other communities or in their own communities.”

It’s reassuring to know that a Dick is on the case.

[2ND 33] In the next few days, listen out for the following statements, and look out for the following images:

These people are not muslims.

We will not let this incident drive a wedge between our communities.

What about right-wing terrorism-Remember Jo Cox?

This has nothing to do with Islam.

Love conquers hate.

What about Christian terrorism?

We will never know what motivated these people.

The perpetrators were known to the security forces.

The killers recently returned from Syria/Libya/Afghanistan.

These people no more represent Islam than the killer of Jo Cox represented Christianity.

It is too soon to talk about this.

Scenes of candles/balloons.

Scenes of armed police/soldiers patrolling the streets.

Scenes of muslims placing flowers.


In reality, the concept of the ”peaceful” and/or “moderate” muslim is largely a myth.

The truth of the matter is that the only genuinely ‘moderate’ muslims aren’t true muslims at all. In fact, islamic ideology stringently dictates that it’s actually IMPOSSIBLE to be a ‘moderate muslim’. Although other religions make allowances for casual devotion to their faith, islam does NOT.

If those claiming to be muslim don’t strictly follow the word of the islamic ‘prophet’ as their alleged religion commands them to do, they are ‘muslims’ in name only – following family tradition/obligation, not genuine devotion to any religion. Either way you look at it, anyone claiming to be a ‘moderate muslim’ is a liar.

As for the rest, any muslim who follows the prescribed islamic prayer rituals and wears identifiable religious attire is NOT ‘moderate’ in their dedication to islam at all! Men with robes, hats and beards and women in burquas and hijabs – these are dedicated followers of their faith, NOT ‘moderates’, and should be treated accordingly. While they may not be ‘extremist’ they are anything BUT ‘moderate’.

For the overwhelming majority of followers of islamic doctrine, there are actually only two kinds of muslims – ‘extremist’ and ‘compliant’.

While some dedicated muslims may superficially claim to be “peaceful” and/or “moderate”, the truth is that the doctrine they follow specifically dictates that islam comes FIRST in all aspects of their lives. If they don’t put islam first, they are NOT true muslims! So while they may not personally participate in any violent atrocities in the name of their religion, they also refuse to personally act against those who do commit them – because to do so would be to act against islam and incur the wrath of their islamic ‘ummah’. That makes the overwhelming majority of muslims part of the problem, NOT the solution.

It’s also important to note that when muslims say that their religion forbids the murder of “innocents”, the ONLY people islam views as “innocents” are followers of islam. The truth is that the ONLY “peace” islam espouses is between their own kind, and sometimes not even that.

Then, of course, there’s the traditional islamic edict known as ’taqiyya’ – which essentially instructs all muslims to blatantly lie to non-muslims about their true opinions and/or intentions, if doing so will further the islamic cause. This is especially effective in establishing islamic caliphates through invading countries by stealth.

There are two main questions that should be asked of ALL muslims claiming to be “moderate” and/or “peaceful”.

The first is “What have YOU personally done to identify and expose the ‘radicals’ within your religion/ideology to the appropriate government authorities in order to bring them to justice and eradicate them from within your ranks?”

As the answer for the overwhelming majority of the followers of this ironically described “religion of peace” is a resounding “NOTHING AT ALL” – the follow up question is “Well, then WHAT gives you the right to perpetually play the ‘victim’ card when people criticise islam for its MASSIVE involvement in international violence and terrorism?!” [Spiked] Read more

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