Generation M: how young Muslim women are driving a modest fashion revolution

Last weekend more than 3,000 people, most of them young, Muslim women, streamed into London’s Saatchi Gallery for a fashion event unlike any other. Some were dressed in shimmering tunics and silk turbans; some wore leather caps perched on top of their hijabs and had septum piercings through their noses; others wore nude-coloured kimonos that trailed the floor.

There were fashion shows with models in burkinis and hijabs, and a burqa-clad designer pitching her clothing line to the Dragon’s Den of the fashion world. This was the scene at the first ever London modest fashion week (LMFW) launched by online fashion marketplace, Haute Elan. [347 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 194 votes] Please don’t use that word “modest” there is nothing immodest about normal clothing, or for that matter the human body (male and female). Articles like this enable 15th century attitudes to women.

[2ND 164] “Modest wear is also transcending the Muslim label”

This is off the scale cognitive dissonance from the progressive Left. It’s frightening.

[3RD 151] Why is it called modest? Are women who dress modern european immodest?

[4TH 133] “Modest” ffs according to who? Using names like “modest” and “immodest” only serves to legitimate the notion that women who don’t “cover up” are doing something wrong.

I’ve seen multiple members of my family fall victim to this narrative and gentle prodding from family and start “covering up” around 18-20, through the (I believe incorrect) idea that Western women are uncovered because they are seeking something. It’s victim blaming, etc. It feels like when you unironically print the word “kuffar” or something. Not as bad I guess, but still. It’s language you expect from the Imam, not a progressive feminist newspaper like this. …. [The Guardian] Read more

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