How long until my honest criticism of Islamism constitutes a speech crime in Canada?

Words matter. We’ve heard the dictum often since the Quebec City mosque massacre. Yes, they do. In fact, the statement “words matter” matters. In my experience it is either a rebuke to those who argue for the widest possible latitude in speech freedoms, or a preamble to proposing speech limitations.

Timing matters too. Because of the mosque tragedy, on Feb. 16, the House will likely vote unanimously for Motion 103, which is potentially a retrograde step for freedom of speech in Canada, at least insofar as it concerns “Islamophobia.”

M-103 asks for a study to determine “a whole-of-government approach to reducing or eliminating systemic racism and religious discrimination including Islamophobia.” Though singled out for special consideration, it is noteworthy that the motion does not define Islamophobia.

What I fear is that MP Iqra Khalid, who tabled M-103, may understand Islamophobia to mean what its original promoters, the 56 Muslim-majority bloc of the United Nations known as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), say it means. The OIC wants to see the Cairo Declaration on Human rights become the template for Islamophobia policies everywhere. The Cairo Declaration asserts the superiority of Islam and defines freedom of speech according to Shariah law, which considers any criticism of Muhammad blasphemy.

[TOP RATED COMMENT 229 votes] I love that sign, “Islam means peace.”

Right… no offense but Islam is a religion that calls for the death of people that are not believers. In almost every Islamic country in the world people like me, homosexuals, are harrassed and threatened OR throw in jail OR put to death. Women in many Islamic countries aren’t even people under the law – they are the property of a male relative.

People like me, gays, we have a right to hold a little phobia over Islam.

Heck, women should be down right terrified.

[2ND 143] Islam does not mean “Peace”. Islam means “Submission”. And in losing our freedom of speech that our grandparents fought and gave their lives for, that is what Canada is doing. What a disgrace and slap in the face, for all that they did for us. Shameful.

[3RD 85] This is how it started in Europe. Any incident is used as a hammer to demand special dispensation for Muslims under the guise of Islampophobia until they have pounded opposition into the ground. What Canadian leaders need to do is demand that Islam amends it’s teachings to remove Misogyny , homophobia, anti Semitics and the desire for Sharia law. Then and only then will their behaviour be acceptable.

[4TH 51] It isn’t misguided to note that immigrant Muslims do try to move their host society to support their cultural idiosyncracies — as do other groups but Islam is particularly toxic unless modified by western culture. We have that from moderate Canadian Muslim leaders like Raheel Raza, Tarek Fatah and Irshad Manji.

There’s an added danger in Canada as a consequence of Justin Trudeau’s policy to build a Muslim constituency in Canada for the Liberal party. Two Mississauga constituencies are a focus for this initiative. Trudeau’s junior minister for Global Affairs Omar Alghabra represents Mississauga Centre. He is responsible for consular services. [National Post] Read more

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