Religious extremists ARE infiltrating other schools in the same way as in the Trojan Horse scandal, integration tsar Louise Casey warns MPs

Religious extremists are still infiltrating British schools in the same way as happened in the Trojan Horse scandal in Birmingham, MPs have been warned.

Government integration tsar Dame Louise Casey published a major review on community integration across Britain last month, revealing a shocking picture of ‘ghettos’ in some British towns.

Her investigation found segregation and social exclusion are at ‘worrying levels’ and are fuelling inequality in some areas of Britain.

In evidence to the communities committee, Dame Louise today told MPs it had been ‘easy’ during her probe to find troubling examples in schools.

She said many bore a resemblance to the Birmingham Trojan Horse scandal where Islamists infiltrated and took over three schools.

Dame Louise told MPs today: ‘Yes, it is happening elsewhere.’

She added: ‘In terms of some of the things seen in what’s called the Trojan Horse, we did not find it very difficult to find things like segregation of girls, what I would describe as anti-equal opportunities or anti-liberal values.’ [53 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 957 votes] We know. Now do something?!

[2ND 923] Then do something, we did in Australia, took away funding

[3RD 770] …..because we let them. It’s as simple as that.

[4TH 706] Our Career Politicians are not interested in the Country or its values that is plain, What are we the People going to do about it, Its no use blaming them they are more interested in their Duck Islands and getting into the House Of Lords than our Culture and Future. Its Pathetic.

[5TH 703] WoW surely this is serious enough for at least one of our pathetic politicians to have the courage to do something,anything.!!!!!! [Daily Mail] Read more

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