Women say Muslim-majority areas in French suburbs are now NO-GO areas for females where they are banned from mixing with men and must dress conservatively

French women who have been effectively banned from cafés and bars in certain ‘no-go’ suburbs in the country are fighting back.

Journalists and activists for TV channel France 2 went undercover in various communities with high Islamic populations in Paris to show how conservative Muslim men are enforcing social segregation in public spaces.

In the secret footage, activists Nadia Remand and Aliza Sayah from women’s rights campaign group La Brigade des Mères (Brigade of Mothers) enter a shop in Sevran: a commune in the northeastern suburbs of Paris.

‘The café terraces and the streets have something in common: women seem to have been erased,’ Journalist Caroline Sinz narrated: [310 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 3453 votes] Coming to a town near you, unless something is done about it – and fast.

[2ND 3209] A country within a country….we have it here too. But no one dare say so.

[3RD 2679] Hey DM, send 2 female reporters to Derby and Leicester, Ill tell you which areas, middle of the day is fine.Wearing normal office wear. See what happens.

[4TH 2256] Take a walk around Bradford, and you’ll find it’s the same! [Daily Mail] Read more

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