Sharia courts have no place in UK family law. Listen to women who know

We oppose any religious body – whether presided over by men or women – that seeks to rule over us.” So say more than 300 mostly Muslim women, but also others from different faiths who have been abused in their personal lives. These women are voicing their alarm, through a powerful statement published by Open Democracy, about the growing power of religious bodies such as sharia councils, and demand that their voices also be heard in the current debate.

From their own lived experiences, they warn against any attempt to normalise profoundly regressive religious codes of conduct as the basis of social interaction with, and policy development aimed at, minority women.

They do so against the backdrop of Louise Casey’s report that warns of minority women who are trapped in abuse and isolation, and two ongoing inquiries into sharia councils: one initiated by the government and the other by the home affairs select committee. [Pragna Patel, 900 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 569 votes] Lets be honest. Sharia law has no place in civilised society.

[2ND 364] Wait a minute, wasn’t there an entire guardian article yesterday on how Tebbit is a truly evil Tory for suggesting that Sharia courts even exist or have any impact in this country.

Ms Patel needs to have a nice chat with whoever wrote yesterday’s Pass Notes.

[3RD 318] It’s as bad from a point of principle as it is in the reality you describe – we should have no alternative legal system binding on any UK court. However it’s spun by its advocates, this is picking and choosing which laws one wishes to follow, and a backdoor attempt at religious exemptions.

It undermines the very important concept of one law for all, and this is something we cannot allow to be entrenched

[4TH 230] Sharia courts have no place in the UK – PERIOD.

Fixed your headline for you.

[5TH 223] Shariah courts and Muslim parliaments have no place in the UK full stop. [Guardian Cif] Read more

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