White people must play a role in integration too

As I watch the far-right in its ascendancy across the Channel, the idea of the UK model of integration being a complete failure baffles me. That is, unfortunately, how the latest review on community cohesion by Louise Casey has been framed. It is perhaps little surprise that one of the biggest cheerleaders for the report is Nigel Farage, who celebrated the mainstreaming of his divisive rhetoric: “Excellent report … Much of what I have been saying for years.”

…. Worryingly, Casey often conflates Muslim with Asian communities, giving the false impression that all regressive cultural practices are based on the Islamic faith despite clear evidence to the contrary. While the report does recognise the huge levels of socio-economic deprivation, low educational attainment and discrimination some Muslims face, none of her recommendations tackle structural inequality. As the former chief constable of Greater Manchester Peter Fahy says: “We seem to find it much easier to blame cultural segregation than economic segregation and inequality.”

…. Given “sections of white working class Britain have become more isolated from the rest of the country and the rest of the white British population” with “real and persistent” educational underachievement, why is no action being considered? And why is there so little discussion about what to do about “white flight” from the inner cities as one of the drivers of further segregation. [Miqdaad Versi, 1024 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 787 votes] Whites leaving specific area – ‘waah, white flight! They don’t want to integrate’

Ethnic minority leaving specific area – ‘waah, whites are coming with their gentrification and chasing away residents’

[2ND 777] I’m not making a single concession for Islam. Sorry, I’m just not.

It’s your choice, nobody is forcing you to be a Muslim, and I gain no benefit from it whatsoever. If you suffer negative consequences while trying to gain your place in eternal paradise (at my expense) why should that concern me?

So no, I won’t make a single concession, to your religion or to any other. I wish all religions were at the bottom of the sea.

[3RD 677] “White people” should do more. What? Crass and insulting. I know of many instances where closed off communities, yes Muslim predominantly, incite rejection of white friends for their children and deride western society. This insularity coupled with liberal cultural relativism has legitimised mindsets that tolerate misogyny and homophobia. White people should do more, government should do more. Wring your hands. Anyone but those central to the shut off mindsets should do more. The Guardian has done much to promote such short sighted blame and absolution games. It’s always been unhelpful.

[4TH 543] “so we are able to challenge the far right – who, let us not forget, inspired the murder of MP Jo Cox just six months ago”

Ah. So you’re allowed to accuse a worldview of inspiring murder. Fine, I agree. Some worldviews do inspire murder.

But I also believe that there is another worldview, far more threatening to social cohesion, which seems to have inspired many people in the last few years to commit mass murder on our streets. Do you agree that this inspiration should be sanctioned and blamed, as I believe that the far right should be sanctioned and blamed?

Or are you a hypocrite?

[5TH 525] “Integration is a two-way street.”

But the onus must always remain with the immigrant to do the lions share of the integration.

I am happy to hold out my hand to welcome you – but please do not bring with you (or expect me to accept) any of your intolerant beliefs (religious or otherwise), your misogyny, your hatred of those who identify as LGBT, your FGM, your adherence to alien codes of conduct that run counter to our acceptance of equality and rule of law, your treatment of animals etc. etc.

And please have the good grace to learn our native languages – if English is too hard, feel free to take up Welsh.

Good luck on joining us in one of the most tolerant and generous nations on earth – contribute, work hard, and positively embrace all that is good in the UK. As an immigrant myself I assure you, and your families, that you will be repaid ten-fold.

[6TH 514] The ‘Whites’ are also the majority with profound historical roots to this country represented through a myriad of indigenous cultures with long established cultural identities. It is only right that newcomers are absorbed into the already present majority.

We have the capacity to absorb immigrants, but only if we all inter-mix with one another and break down cultural barriers at the level of the family.

The fact is that some immigrant communities have cultural taboos about marrying/relationships with people of different ethnicities, religions and cultures and until that is addressed we can have no true integration. [Guardian Cif] Read more

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