Don’t cancel Christmas on behalf of Muslims like me – I love it

…. While the weather is turning frosty and the festive season draws close, some panicky employers are being advised to chill out by David Isaac, chair of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission. Isaac suggests they shouldn’t go overboard in avoiding religious sensibilities at Christmas and that they should adopt a “common-sense approach”. Sounds reasonable enough.

This comes after news that some business owners are fearful of sending Christmas cards, that cinema chains have banned an advert containing the Lord’s Prayer for fear of offending non-Christian audiences, and that employees are being vetoed from calling a Christmas tree a Christmas tree. It’s like we’ve entered a politically correct Nightmare Before Winterval. [Remona Aly, 927 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 349 votes] To be fair to Muslims its not usually them who want to implement these idiotic ideas. Its usually middle class liberal do-gooders who are totally detached from reality.

[2ND 325] “the myth of Islamic intolerance”

A quick look at the Islamic world strongly suggests that it’s not a myth.

[3RD 234] “Don’t cancel Christmas on behalf of Muslims like me – I love it.”

This shouldn’t even be a point let alone a headline for an article.

The politically correct liberals have pandered to different cultures for too long; they do not deserve special treatment regarding our countries’ holidays and traditions.

[4TH 192] The Guardian has got to the point where it has to reassure readers that it won’t be cancelling Christmas on behalf of Muslims. Says it all really.

[5TH 163] “…. merely fuels the myths of Islamic intolerance.”

It’s not a myth. Across the Muslim world religious minorities are persecuted and treated as second class citizens. In Pakistan members of the tiny Christian community live in fear of pogroms. [Guardian Cif] Read more

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