The ‘extremist’ schools we can’t close: Four Muslim colleges ordered to shut down by the Government use the courts to defy ministers

Four Islamic schools ordered to close following fears over extremism or pupil safety continue to operate because the Government is powerless to shut them down, the Daily Mail can reveal.

One allegedly taught girls that men can beat their wives. Another distributed leaflets saying music is an ‘act of the devil’.

They could continue operating for months, if not years, after launching legal appeals against closure. The four fee-paying independent establishments include a girls’ boarding school, Jamia al-Hudaa in Nottingham, that was ordered to close last month after Ofsted found books in the library by individuals banned from entering Britain. [543 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 2517 votes] Does anybody know just how many groups of people are totally above the law in the UK? The prisons are so full that certain crimes can be committed without fear of imprisonment. No permanent address, stop where you like, damage as much as you like and then move on without any recourse to the law.

Now this and Sharia courts! It looks like the people who should be protecting the legal and proper citizens of the UK just haven’t got the guts to do so. They pretend that issuing parking tickets and checking refuse bins is tackling crime. Don’t even mention human rights and Brexit!

[2ND 2325] This country needs to bloody well toughen up & quick. It’s becoming a complete laughing stock.

[3RD 2000] Shut them down for gawds sakes. Should never existed in the first place.

[4TH 1868] No legal shenanigans. Get them closed.

[5TH 1753] What would happen if it was Christian type schools. [Daily Mail] Read more

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