An inquiry into sharia courts doesn’t have to criticise Islam – but after the claims of some women, it is necessary

Jewish beth din provide similar access to arbitration using religious law and have attracted rather less criticism than sharia: that perhaps explains why some Muslims believe the current inquiries are discriminatory in their focus on Islamic faith.

The vexed subject of sharia law is currently under investigation by two separate inquiries.

The first, led by Professor Mona Siddiqui, was established earlier this year by Theresa May when she was Home Secretary. Another review is being conducted by the Home Affairs Select Committee, now under the chairmanship of Yvette Cooper. Both inquiries are seeking to consider whether the existing system of sharia councils in the UK should be overhauled.

Opponents of the councils, which use Islamic law to settle disputes on everything from financial quarrels to marital breakdown, argue that women are regularly disadvantaged because sharia is a fundamentally patriarchal construct. Baroness Cox, who has long campaigned for the abolition of sharia councils and who is seeking to bring forward legislation against them, says she has considerable support among Muslim women who don’t otherwise “have a voice”.

[TOP RATED COMMENT] Where Shariah – Islamic law – is in line with British secular law, it is redundant; and where it contradicts British secular law, it is illegal.

For these two reasons alone, it should be dumped!

[ANOTHER] …. And sorry, should it matter if Islam comes in for criticism? Is it a precious orchid we’re supposed to tiptoe around? This is how twisted, hardline nonsense is allowed to skyrocket. We’ve created a culture where we’re bending to their sensitivities, in a way we’d never do with other religions.

Ask the average Catholic, or CofE member how much criticism they’ve had to take from the progressive press and protesters. How much the Pope has been expected to apologise over Catholic scandals, or Arch Bishop has been expected to accomodate women/gays. There is no hesitation in criticising them from anyone.

Christians, Hindus, Buddhists etc. accept criticism, accept they will feel insulted, disrespected sometimes. They don’t go around behaving like this…what happened to Je Suis Charlie.

If they don’t like it, go live in a place with Sharia and be miserable there. It’s UK, it’s Europe, end of. Get over it.

[ANOTHER] There must only be ONE law in the UK!!!

Sharia must be banned

[ANOTHER] Sharia law is oppressive and blatantly discriminatory towards women. It should not be allowed and UK law should ban it. Let’s not be liberal apologists please.

[ANOTHER] To compare sharia with beth din is misleading. The beth din runs parallel to civil law in the case of marriage, and all Jews are strictly observant of British law. Sharia has no respect for the law, as their views on polygamy show.

If I were to live in a Muslim country, I would consider myself bound by their laws. Why is it too much to expect the same in return

[ANOTHER] An enquiry into sharia courts SHOULD criticise Islam, because let’s face it, there is a lot to criticise about that religion.

[ANOTHER] When the ECHR has stated that sharia is incompatible with human rights then how can we discuss sharia courts without criticising islam? [The Independent] Read more

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