Instead of fighting terror, Prevent is creating a climate of fear

This unjust programme alienates law-abiding British Muslims, undermining the police’s ability to actually prevent terrorist attacks.

…. Prevent’s overly broad definition of extremism – vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values – creates a systemic risk of violations of the right to freedom of expression, the right against discrimination and the right to privacy. Scottish government officials told me that although the term “British values” was in the Prevent guidance, they “don’t ever use that phrase” because “it could be damaging or unhelpful if it endorses a ‘them and us’ mentality”.

Having spoken to more than 80 experts and individuals affected by the programme, my research found that Prevent was creating a climate of fear and a chilling effect on free expression. Case studies in the report describe children in schools being targeted and intimidated under Prevent for expressing political views. In UK universities – considered by many to be bastions of academic freedom – Prevent is apparently leading to the cancellation of conferences and debates about Islamophobia, and students are being targeted for reading course materials on terrorism. [Amrit Singh, 699 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 275 votes] “Prevent is creating a climate of fear”

Sorry but you are wrong. It was Islamic extremism that did that.

[2ND 202] I’m sorry but I don’t care if Prevent hurts feelings. If it prevents one Paris style attack I’m all for it.

And before people chime in with ‘This is what ISIS’ want, just save it, its utter rubbish. If somebody is at risk of extremism we need to act immediately.

[3RD 175] Okay, so you oppose Prevent. That’s fine. What you and other opponents of the program seem unable to do, however, is provide an actual working alternative.

[4TH 171] The quran, hadiths and other Islamic texts specifically mentions the death penalty for homosexuality, infidelity, apostasy and a host of other “unislamic” practices.

Unless the government takes the bull by the horns and addresses this contradiction between what fundamentalist muslims believe in and what British law states, the tensions will continue.

When asked to choose between a literal interpretation of the bible and British law, most British citizens will choose the latter. can we say the same for our muslim population?

[5TH 159] Genuine question: Why is the Guardian so far removed from common sense and public opinion that they release pieces like this?

Does the author think that doing nothing about home grown terrorism is acceptable? [Guardian Cif] Read more

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