Muslim woman becomes first ever student to be allowed to wear a hijab beneath her uniform at America’s oldest private military college

She’s the first woman ever allowed to wear a Muslim headscarf beneath her military uniform at the nation’s oldest private military college.

But don’t call Sana Hamze a pioneer.

‘I don’t really see it as me changing the world or changing the U.S., even,’ said Hamze, 18, a freshman at Vermont’s Norwich University.

‘I just kind of see it as the school allowing an American student to practice her faith while also training to be an officer in the Navy.’

…. But the uniform for the 18-year-old student from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a little different. Unlike other female members of the corps, Hamze wears her Muslim hijab, or head covering, beneath.

As part of her effort to fulfill her lifelong dream of continuing her family’s legacy of military and public service while staying true to her devout religious beliefs, she asked for a uniform accommodation to wear the hijab when she was applying to colleges earlier this year.

Norwich, one of the nation’s six senior military colleges, agreed to make the accommodation.

[TOP RATED COMMENT 1180 votes] It’s called a uniform for a reason

[2ND 1034] Don’t know what I find more ridiculous. The college thinking they are being so cutting edge and PC or her thinking she has a right to wear what she likes, unlike every other person. Years ago I wanted to be a Policewoman, but I couldn’t. I was too short. I accepted it. All she has to do is remove what to me is an offensive item. It may as well be chains round her ankles.

[3RD 981] This is just not right.

[4TH 878] What a Disgrace!!!! [Daily Mail] Read more

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