Muslim teacher quits her job after she was told she had to shake hands with male members of staff at Swedish school

A Muslim teacher has quit her job at a school in Sweden after being told she would have to shake hands with male members of staff.

Fardous El-Sakka had been working as a substitute teacher at the Kunskapsskolan school in Helsingborg, when she was asked to shake hands with a male teacher.

But the 20-year-old refused as her religion forbids her from touching any member of the opposite sex who is not related to her.

The man then reported Miss El Sakka to the school’s principal, who told her that if she wanted to work there, she would have to abide by the institution’s values of shaking hands.

However, she decided to quit rather than go against her religious beliefs and has now referred her case to the Swedish trade union Unionen. [166 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 1071 votes] Perhaps it would be better for all concerned that those holding ideological views which are at odds with the dominant culture leave to find a country more tuned to their preferences.

[2ND 875] If you don’t like the societal rules of a country you have moved to, simply move to a country with rules you can abide by.

[3RD 791] There’s no rule in Islam about not shaking hands. This is a modern doctrine which is quite frankly ridiculous for people living in Western countries to adhere to.

[4TH 633] Backward self-centred idiot. We’re in the 21st century. [Daily Mail] Read more

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