Our weakness makes the Islamists stronger

As the Islamist demagogue Anjem Choudary awaits sentencing for inviting support for Islamic State, the government is facing a crisis of its own making over the radicalisation of Muslim prisoners.

Choudary, who is said to have radicalised thousands of British Muslims over the years, is reportedly to be segregated from other prisoners when he is sent to jail next month.

The review by Ian Acheson of Islamist extremism in prisons, whose summary was published yesterday while the rest remains classified, suggests that a small number of the most dangerous Islamist prisoners be segregated to prevent them from accelerating still further the growing problem of inmate radicalisation.

…. Unlike Christianity, it is not merely a set of spiritual beliefs but creates a strong sense of peoplehood. Since Islam represents divine perfection, it also follows that any thwarting of its religious expansionism means that many Muslims believe their whole community to be under attack.

Which is why young Muslims don’t need to know anything about Islam to become radicalised. All that’s needed is to incite them to a false but utterly incendiary belief that their people have to be defended against a cruel and evil enemy. Britain and the West refuse to acknowledge this reality. Instead they attack those who identify it as Islamophobic in order to silence them. Those who thus refuse even to name the enemy they face will surely be defeated by it. [Melanie Phillips, 173 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 173 votes] Well said Melanie. It’s tragic that Government ministers still refuse to see the danger of Islam not just in prison but in mainstream society.

[2ND 161] I wish if only our successive governments had recognised the potentials of Islamic terrorism and its dangers! It had been there staring at us for years. Instead the taxpayers have funding it in the guise of multiculturalism and cohesion.

Instead we have been promoting and funding segregation, disaffection and planting the seeds of Islamic terrorism.

For years Melanie Phillips and some others had warning us.

[3RD 153] Our inability to face the facts head on, to the point of denial, could be our downfall. A brave article in a world of political correctness.

[4TH 152] Well said Melanie, as is often the case, you state the truth that so many of us see, but which the establishment foolishly continue to deny; The threat is uniquely centred upon Islamic religious fanaticism.

Choudary and his ilk haven’t made this stuff up, it’s there in Islamic scripture, in the Koran, the Sira and the Hadith. You can’t tackle the Choudarys of this world without tackling Islam itself. [The Times (£)] Read more

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