Five reasons to wear a burkini – and not just to annoy the French

Wahey – it’s that time again, people! The burkini is all the rage for the ump-flippin-teenth time, and our latest dip into controversial swimwear politics comes from – you’ll never guess – the French.

The mayor of Cannes is going trigger-ban happy by curtailing the right to swim while covered on the French Riviera. The ruling states: “Beachwear that ostentatiously displays religious affiliation, when France and places of worship are currently the target of terrorist attacks, is liable to create risks of disrupting public order.” I don’t think that thought crossed Nigella Lawson’s mind, to be honest.

Nothing says “losing the plot” to me more than demonising what is, let’s face it, a wetsuit. Is full-piece swimwear really more offensive than seeing a middle-aged bum crack? Is it really going to terrorise your Mr Whippy into a total meltdown?

Non, they say, we must ban the burqa. Ban the burkini! Ban the bikini! Oh no, wait, the last one is OK because it’s not related to religion or politics. [1404 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 1592 votes] Make muslim men wear them. The hijab and niqab as well, to maintain the dignity of muslim men….see how long that lasts.

[2ND 1085] Been to Saudi recently? I hear Qatar is nice this time of year as well. The Burqa is part of the way women are subjugated within Islam, women are treated like cattle that can’t look after themselves, that is what the Burqa symbolises.

[3RD 977] So if the writer of this article is supporting the wearing of the burka in Europe I assume she is supporting women wearing bikinis in Saudi Arabia? No? Really? Women’s equality is only a problem in Europe I guess?

[4TH 965] Nah I agree with the mayor of Cannes. Religious attire has no place on the beach in a secular society. When your argument falls back to the 1950’s ban on bikinis in then religiously conservative societies as a reason to defy the ban, it becomes clear where your attitude to dresswear on the beach belongs. Ie: back in the 50’s wrapped up in religious dogma.

[5TH 783] No matter how hard you try and fool yourself: the burkini, and all Islamic “modest” attire (which, curiously enough, applies only to women: how is it so?) are awful and rather ridiculous-looking instruments of oppression, and also rather new ones, having entered mainstream Islam together with the peculiar fundamentalist wahhabi mentality which have become prevalent in the last two decades. Celebrating them is celebrating fundamentalism.

A better use of this admittedly modest attempt at wit would be in mocking a religion that imposes, in 2016, what women should wear, at the beach or everywhere else.

[6TH 754] “Five reasons to wear a burkini – and not just to annoy the French”

As if the French have nothing else to be annoyed about at the moment.

Still, what a laugh, eh?

[7TH 711] So you’re surprised that the French take admittedly foolish measures? Could it be that France has been particularly targeted by terrorists? Burkini’s are seen in France as a statement adhering to extremist (islamic) or sharia inspired views. In thàt context the French apply their traditional adherence to laïcitè. No surprise at all.

[ANOTHER 558] [To] all the pro-burikini non-muslim feminists: have you ever tried swimming with all your clothes on? do you know it feels?? it’s an extremely unpleasant sensation, both in the water and even more so, out of it, afterwards.

it’s not even islamic. it’s been introduced recently by ultra-conservative elements, and like the wearing of the niqab and burkha is sponsored by extremist groups as a way of propegating supression of women

[ANOTHER 571] Think of all the other ways you can diversify women’s lib and celebrate freedom along the same lines: refuse promotions at work (voluntary, part-time work, obviously); defer to your husband’s every whim; forego your right to vote (as a statement).

[ANOTHER 570] I think first and second wave feminists are spinning in their graves. The new feminism is to cover up in a burka. What next? “Women don’t go out and work, stay at home, that’s freedom “

[ANOTHER 500] Hilarious. In Islamic countries, strict dress code is always enforced, and Westerners have to abide by these rules, which they do without complaint. And yet when you are asked to show the same respect to your host country, suddenly that’s all oppressive and illiberal, is it? Your complaints about intolerance and lack of respect for diversity would be far better directed at your own culture, which is far more oppressive than anything you will find in the country you appear to despise so much. [Guardian Cif] Read more

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