Don’t underestimate Islamic State. More atrocities are on their way

Islamic State waited less than 48 hours to claim responsibility for the horrific massacre in Nice in which at least 84 people – 10 of them children – lost their lives last Thursday night. This week Isis again moved swiftly to claim responsibility for Monday’s axe attack by a 17-year-old Afghan refugee on a train in Germany, in which four people were seriously injured before the attacker was killed by police.

…. Islamophobia and the rise of the far right in Europe are, paradoxically, doing the work of the extremists who wish to sow the seeds of discord that may eventually grow into the full-blown civil conflicts we now witness in the Middle East and North African region’s failed states.

It is difficult to see how the west can counter this escalating challenge. The biggest mistake would be to underestimate Isis and to imagine it can be bombed out of existence. Now that it is losing its geographical heartland, it will increasingly become an ideological state intent on destruction, fuelled by implacable hatred and vengeance, and assisted by anyone it can enlist or influence, however indirectly, to carry out acts of violence it can then claim. We should expect more atrocities in the weeks and months to come. [1573 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 550 votes] “Now that it is losing its geographical heartland, it will increasingly become an ideological state intent on destruction.”

But it will be far less successful than it is now. It draws much of its legitimacy from actually being a state. It will be harder to claim that Allah is on their side when they’re reduced to 15 men posting youtube videos from a cave somewhere.

“Islamophobia and the rise of the far right in Europe are, paradoxically, doing the work of the extremists.”

So-called “Liberals” are doing the work of IS by ring-fencing the religion from criticism, using the term “Islamophobia”.

[2ND 436] ANOTHER COMMENT SAID: “I believe that we shall have to talk to these people sooner or later.”

They have no interest in talking. In fact if they were seen negotiating with the West, their entire legitimacy would drain away. They’re a millenarian cult dedicated to spreading their Caliphate worldwide, or dying in the attempt.

[3RD 375] Whatever happens, it will be our fault.

We in the West should stop being freedom and liberty-loving secular people, and accept that all our societal and technological progress and prosperity; all our tolerance and, above all, our acceptance of unaccompanied women wearing revealing clothing (or – heavens forbid – showing their hair) has made us legitimate targets for those following the path of Righteousness.

To think otherwise would surely be bigoted, right?

[4TH 282] Islamic violence is fuelling the far right, not the other way round.

Islamism is assaulting our liberal society, which was moving towards a much hoped for post racist, post homophobic, future in which men and women would be equal.

If the liberals don’t come up with a way to counter Islamism, then it’s going to be down to the Le Pen’s and Trumps to come up with their solutions.

[5TH 247] Here we go, that buzz word again, Islamaphobia, for the record I despise all religions, all ideologies used to enslave humanity with nonsense, lies and violence that includes Christianity.

But let’s be fair Christianity has had to move with the times and seriously moderate it’s message.

Labelling any criticism of Islam as islamophobic is totally counter productive, the ideology needs to be criticised and challenged because a lot of the teachings are quire frankly abhorrent. [Guardian Cif] Read more

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