Kelvin MacKenzie, we’re sick of your toxic propaganda. Fatima Manji is admirable

If anyone had steam coming out of their ears this past week, it was Kelvin MacKenzie. The human pressure cooker could not contain his indignation at having to watch Channel 4 news reporter, Fatima Manji, cover the tragic attack in Nice. In an article for the Sun newspaper, MacKenzie wrote that “I could hardly believe my eyes” when he saw the British Muslim correspondent who wears a headscarf doing her job.

Not only is it malicious to single out a news reporter in this way, MacKenzie’s abhorrent rant attempts to equate Manji’s headscarf to terrorist atrocities and to female slavery: “Was it done to stick one in the eye of the ordinary viewer who looks at the hijab as a sign of the slavery of Muslim women by a male-dominated and clearly violent religion?” he spouted. [2690 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 712 votes] The headscarf is a symbol of religious oppression, no matter how the liberal left try to twist and turn to deny it. No amount of apologia will change that.

[2ND 610] People just don’t like hijabs and what they represent. They’re tolerated, and rightfully so, but not embraced.

[3RD 537] ANOTHER COMMENT SAID: “So we should tell Muslim women that we don’t like it so they must not wear it?”

They are free to wear them, the same as others are free to criticise Islamic attitudes to women.”

[4TH 416] 84 men, women and children were murdered by a muslim maniac invoking ISIS and thus Islam as a justification. The first thing viewers see on C4’s report is an obviously Muslim presenter . Isn’t it just common sense that this would create a hurtful impression and thus be grossly insensitive?

[5TH 352] Why is she admirable?

[6TH 317] The headscarf is the symbol of Islamic culture. The same culture which is the source of violent terror, the same culture where a large percentage of its members are terror apologists or blame all its’ problems on the West. How about an Imam goes on TV after an attack like this and instead of defending Islam (which has created so many wonderful countries today!), apologised for the terror emanating from Muslim communities.

[7TH 284] I will celebrate when Muslim women in Britain (and Europe… or anywhere) don’t feel the need to wear religious headscarves.

It’s obvious that the headscarf in Britain is a symbol of self-imposed division and separation from British society and identity. That 2nd/3rd/4th generation Muslims are wearing such garbs is utterly depressing. [Guardian Cif] Read more

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