EU set for U-turn over whether firms can legally ban Muslim headscarves after senior legal officer rules it IS discriminatory

The European Union’s top court could be set for a U-turn on whether companies can legally ban women from wearing Muslim headscarves after it was ruled discriminatory.

The European Court of Justice has been hearing a case from Muslim Asma Bougnaoui, who was dismissed from her job with Micropole SA as an IT consultant in France, after clients complained about her wearing a headscarf.

It comes after a previous case brought to the same court by a Belgian woman who was also fired from her job for wearing a veil.

In that case, the court’s advocate general said companies may ban Muslim headscarves if they are enforcing a general prohibition on religious symbols in the workplace.

However, in the case of Ms Bougnaoui another advocate general Eleanor Sharpston today said that the court ‘considers that a company policy requiring an employee to remove her Islamic headscarf when in contact with clients constitutes unlawful direct discrimination.’ [412 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 1477 votes] Simple rule for employers – don’t employ them! One’s religious or cultural beliefs should not take priority. Keep it at home, if you must. It’s 2016, for crying out loud!

[2ND 1179] Leave your religion at home when you go to work.

[3RD 1043] Who cares what the EU says ??? We’re out!!

[4TH 927] Head scarves are not a problem full veils are.

[5TH 813] If wearing one is not in their holy book and NOT a requirement for their religion then why is anybody arguing for it?? [Daily Mail] Read more

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