Germany to end unofficial tolerance of polygamy

Germany is to end its unofficial tolerance of polygamy – including marriages involving minors, the country’s justice minister has vowed.

Heiko Maas said the move was designed to prevent people in Germany committing to more than one marriage.

“No one who comes to us has the right to put their cultural roots, or their religious beliefs, above our laws,” Mr Maas told Bild newspaper.

“For that reason multiple marriages cannot be recognised in Germany.”

Polygamy is a criminal offence in Germany, but Bild alleged German authorities “often look the other way” if a migrant brings several wives to the country.

[TOP RATED COMMENT] When a western country needs to introduce new laws that, up until now weren’t needed because of common values and common sense, you know it has a problem with immigration and failure of integration. This is just another sign that Muslim integration is a myth.

[ANOTHER] ‘No one who comes to us has the right to put their cultural roots, or their religious beliefs, above our laws,’ says justice minister

A good start. Now, the German politicians have to get their heads round the fact that polygamy, child brides and FGM, are approved by Allah.

And if you disagree with Allah, you are in a state of rebellion, and rebelling against god automatically puts you in the cross-hairs …… and violence naturally follows.

[ANOTHER] They should be made to live by our rules throughout europe. No ifs no buts, they can always go back

[ANOTHER] High time we did something about this in the UK. I hope the German president will rid himself of this ridiculous burden. We want to discourage large families. Child support should be only for the first two children.

[ANOTHER] If mass Muslim immigration continues, as Merkel said it will, ethnic Germans between the ages of 20-40 will be a minority by 2020. It is unenforceable because political power and political will is going to change soon due to shifting demographics. The more Muslims, the more Islamic cultural practices such as polygamy will be accepted as the norm. [The Independent] Read more

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