The Observer view on killings in Bangladesh

It has been another bloody week in Bangladesh. A Christian shopkeeper, a Hindu priest and the wife of a prominent anti-terror security official were killed in separate attacks by assailants. On Friday, a monastery administrator enjoying an early morning walk in the north-western district of Pabna was hacked to death in a similar unprovoked assault.

In all, nearly 50 people have been murdered since 2013.

Their offence? Not conforming to the fanatical faux-religious outlook espoused by Islamist extremists, for whom majority Sunni Muslim Bangladesh’s tradition of democratic, secular governance and multi-confessional inclusiveness is an abomination deserving of annihilation.

…. Crime and punishment is not the sole issue here. At stake is Bangladesh’s tradition of cultural diversity, religious tolerance and secular governance. At risk is the future of a moderate Muslim nation battered by a destructive international political cyclone that it alone cannot control.

[TOP RATED COMMENT 76 votes] …. The terribly secular, modern and enlightened western-oriented Guardian/Observer editors apparently know better than these religious zealots themselves what their motivation is and despite religion being absolutely, rooting-tootly, 195%, up front and in your face, no doubt about it, shout it from the rooftops, the self-proclaimed reason given by these fanatics for these attacks, the good old Guardian knows better, it’s all a “faux-religious outlook”.

The Guardian editors will still be claiming it has nothing to do with religion as the religious maniacs are cutting their throats, chanting verses from their holy book as they do so.

It’s not faux-religion Guardian! It is real, genuine, unashamed, proud to proclaim it religion in its truest sense that lies behind these attacks, why do you continue to deny what is so obvious to the rest of the sentient population?

[2ND 56] This is a disgraceful article trying to minimise the importance of Islamic extremism in Bangladesh.

[3RD 53] According to the Bangladeshi Home Minister – ““These killings are part of a national and international conspiracy. Those who are carrying out these incidents are communicating with Mossad,”

Meaning in a racially prejudiced country, in which Christians are discriminated against and Jews are banned, you can still have anti-semitism, because instead of anti-semitism against individual Jews who are not allowed in the country, the option of collective anti-semitism is available you just blame ISrael for everything.

But the Guardian would have a moral problem pointing this out.

[4TH 51] It is preposterous to describe Bangladesh as a moderate Muslim nation blighted by a few nutters. As In Pakistan, there is wide tacit support for these murders and for the Islamist agenda. That is why it is thriving.

[5TH 49] “fanatical faux-religious outlook”

What exactly is “faux” about it? [Guardian Cif] Read more

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