Mosques ban trousers, travel and Facebook

Muslim women must not leave the house without their husband’s permission, should avoid wearing trousers and should even delete their Facebook accounts, according to rulings published by mosques and Islamic associations around Britain.

The statements provoked anger among anti-extremism campaigners and moderate Muslims, who have spoken out against “outdated and patriarchal” attitudes. The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) is facing calls to demand that affiliated institutions remove online advice that curtails the freedom of women.

Controversy was triggered this week by a ruling published by the Blackburn Muslim Association, which told women that they must not travel more than 48 miles without a male chaperone. The association is an affiliate member of the MCB, an umbrella body representing hundreds of mosques, schools and other organisations. Research by The Times found that other MCB members had published similar statements. [270 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 227 votes] Islam has become a poison in Western democracies-above all in countriea like France and especially in the UK. Western democracies are secular and its the responsibity of our politicians to actively defend our democratic values and not surrender to an alien and medieval religion like Islam. Nowhere in the world you’ll find Islam and democracy cohabitating. As a matter of fact Islamic countries are all in the bottom third on the Democracy Index. It’s time for our elected leaders to draw a definite line against a medieval Islam. They could start by putting a stop to the practisr of Sharia courts, FGM and for ed marriages. If Muslims cannot embrace Western values they should leave.

[2ND 186] When is the Government of this country going to take some active steps to curb these people, they are just toeing the water to see just how far they can get away with their medievil practices, we passed the thin end of the wedge some time ago, if something isn’t done soon I fear for our future. Any Mosque promoting anything alien to the culture of this country should be shut down.

[3RD 144] There is no place for these kinds of edict in British society. Shame on them!

[4TH 133] They don’t live in British society, they have created a parallel society. When you import as many as Labour have, it is impossible to have a national society. Ethnicities stick together, that’s how countries came to exist, and shy Britain will break apart.

[5TH 105] Facebook I avoid but this edict is preposterous and leaves those who issue it open to scorn. But I suspect those same people don’t give two figs for the views of those who view this as unacceptable, and therein lies the problem. This cult is alien and I marvel that our politicians cannot see it. Truly to speak of Londonistan is neither an exaggeration nor nonsense. When taking the measure of something I look to its fruits and this example alone should raise serious questions about Islam and its place in this country. [The Times (£)] Read more

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